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Search Engine Instructions

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The search engine will only produce results for what you ask it for. If you choose multiple categories, the search engine will only send back ones that match ALL the criteria.


  • Jack/Sam=763
  • Sam/Daniel=214
  • Jack/Sam,Sam/Daniel=4 (not 977)

Also, clicking on more than one content level will produce NO results, as each fic only has one content level.

Searching for keywords will only produce results if those words are listed in the Summary of the fic.

Titles and Author names with apostrophes are NOT searchable. To search for a title or author that contains an apostrophe, you must omit that symbol.


  • Title- "It's Genetic" must be entered into the search as 'Genetic'
  • Title- "It's Not Easy Being Green" must be entered as 'Not Easy Being Green'
  • Author- "Jackie O'Neill Nut" but be entered as 'Jackie ONeill Nut'

This is a coding issue and can not be repaired.

The more criteria you include in your search, the lower the results returned.