Nomination Categories

Best Jack Author – obviously who you think is the best author on the Jackfic archive

Best Jack Story – This will be obtained from the top 8 nominations and then total votes given to these fics. This will not be a category that will have a specific vote ballot.

Best New Jack Author – Who's the best among our crop of new authors? This person is someone whose first story was archived within the acceptable archiving period..

Best Jack Adventure – Sam's summed this up pretty well: 'We go through the gate, we get into trouble, we get out of trouble, we go home' although having a gate in the story is not required. This is a story with the emphasis on the adventure itself.

Best Jack Alternate Universe – Quantum mirror not required, but this story is set in a universe that's significantly different than our own. This story does not fit in with show canon and can also be seen as 'fork in the road' fic…someone made a different decision and events played out differently because of that

Best Jack Angst – Angst is that gotcha in the gut feeling. The emphasis of this story should be the emotions of the characters.

Best Jack Drabble – a fic of EXACTLY 100 words, either without or including the title. 100, not 99, not 101. The nominations for this category will have word counts.

Best Jack Ficlet - a fic that ranges over 100 words, but comes in under 600 words. Basically this is a category for those drabbles that don't fit into 'drabbles' <g>. This category will also have the words counted.

Best Jack Drama - This fic is similar to an adventure, but maybe with more emphasis on the emotions of the characters. In reality, drama and adventure can be interchanged however a drama tends to be more emotionally intensive and about the characters rather than just the journey. The difference between adventure and drama can also be seen as the difference between a guy flick and a chick flick. Compare Twister to Schindler's List, action to emotion.

Best Jack Humor - Something that is intentionally funny. If you laugh, giggle or smile while you read it, it's humor.

Best Jack H/C - This will involve where Jack is injured and receiving comfort of a* non-relationship* type ie: cuddling up with Jack to keep him warm and not having thoughts of jumping his bones when he gets well fits in this category <g>.

Best Jack Missing Scene/Episode Tag - this fic could have been part of an episode, just a part we didn't see. Because of that, it should not blatantly disregard or contradict canon. A missing scene for Meridian could be a scene between Jack and Teal'c in the commissary, discussing things, but can't be Jack dying/ascending instead of Daniel. That would contradict canon and belongs in Alternate Universe.

Best Jack Series – a fic that is, in reality, several separate stories all along a similar theme. WIP are not allowed in the category.

Best Jack Vignette – a short fic, that involves one scene. A snippit.

Best Jack Friendship – a fic featuring *friendship* between Jack and anyone.

Best Jack Ship - a fic featurning a *relationship/wannabe relationship* (ie: more than just friends. A hug between m/f means more than just a 'you need a hug' attitude), they're not just friends but something more between Jack and a female...ANY female.

Best Jack Dark Fic – Darkfic is fic containing graphic violence or sexual content of a non-consensual nature. Also not for the kiddies. There may be mention of same sex encounters, however it cannot be explicit in any way.

Best Jack Crossover - Fic where Jack and SG-1 are written with characters from another television show or book characters.