2007 Jackfic Awards

What is the Jackfic Awards?

An awards program to recognize the best Jackfic out there. To be eligible for these awards, a story must be Jack centric or feature Jack and be housed on the Jackfic archive (either physically housed 8or a link submitted to the archive), and they must conform to the archive protocols. These awards are for fiction ONLY. Fiction eligible for nomination/voting are from November 1, 2006 till December 31, 2007. Anything posted to the site after December 31, 2007 will not be accepted for nominations/voting.


1. What types of stories are accepted at the Jackfic Awards?

All fiction on the Jackfic, which focuses on the character of Colonel Jack O'Neill. Action Jack, Whumped Jack, Angry Jack, Sarcastic Jack, Angsty Jack, Romantic Jack, Sick Jack, Tired Jack, Comforted Jack, Confused Jack, Hero Jack, Jack and his team, Jack and kids, Jack and enemies, Jack and allies, Jack and the romantic interest of your choice - basically, if it has Jack in it, it can be nominated from the Jackfic Archive! WIP's will not be allowed unless they can be read as 'stand-alone' fics.

2. Are there any stories that WILL NOT be accepted?

We also do not accept slash fic, (Slash fic is fic featuring a relationship between two characters of the same gender.) or fiction in an adult/mature nature (formally known as NC-17).

3. Nominations

You are allowed one nomination form per person. Please do not abuse this and attempt to send in multiple nomination forms under other email addresses, as this will only result in the nominator and nominations being disqualified. Self-nominations are accepted.

A fic may be nominated ONLY 3 TIMES. If there is an instance where the fic is nominated more than 3 TIMES, the author will be contacted and asked which 3 categories they prefer for the fic to remain.

Best Author will be accomplished by specific nominations and then voting. Best Fic will be done by taking the top 8 nominations overall and the resulting votes cast in all categories for tallying the winner. There will not be a separate voting form for Best Fic. To nominate for the awards, you will need to copy and paste the form to a return email and then send it to the stated email address.

4. Campaigning

Campaigning is strictly forbidden. This includes "I'm nominated in the Jackfic awards, go vote for me". If evidence of campaigning is present, the author and fic will be disqualified from the awards. Please, keep this fair for all involved. All Jackfic members/readers will be asked to 'police' this. If you have irrefutable proof of campaigning, please contact the awards team immediately.

5. Voting

Voting may only be done ONCE. Please do not abuse this trust and use mulitple emails to send in more than one voting form, as you will be disqualified as will the votes. We want to keep these awards fair. Vote for the best fiction, not the fic writer with the most friends. To vote, you will need to copy and paste the voting form into a return email and send it to the stated email address. First place, Second place and honorable mention will be awarded to the top vote receivers for each category.

6. Ties

In the event there is a tie amongst fics, both will be awarded first place, and there will be no second place given.

7. Schedule

Nominations will open up December 1, 2008 and run thru January 1, 2009. Voting will then take place from January 15, 2009 thru Feb 15, 2009. Winners will be announced March 1, 2009. All cut off times will occur at midnight EST USA for each stated date.