Monthly Challenge Words

Welcome to the monthy word challenge on Jackfic. Each month talented authors will be given a new word. Their goal is to create a fic revolving around that word. Hope you enjoy their endeavors!

2005 2006 (thanks to Charli, Denise, Gallagater, Hoodat, Karen,Lingren, Lynette and Sheryl for the words)
January Word-Embark January Word-Silence

Alone on A Wide, Wide Sea

Domino Effect

Going Home

February Word-Agony February Word-Dignity

A Little Fish


Agony 2

Faces of Agony

On A Scale...

The Agonies

March Word-Deter, Detect, Defend March Word-Stalemate

Deter, Detect, Defend

Feeling the Abyss

Desist, Distract, Destroy

Operation Icebox

April Word-Allegiance April Word-Subterfuge
May Word-Frustration May Word-Battered
On A Slow Ride Through Molasses  
June Word-Disaster June Word-Deadly
July Word-Cracking the Whip July Word-Yield
The Loss of Innocence  
August Word-Handcuffs August Word-Dread
September Word- September Word-Conspiracy

The Brownie


October Word-Admiration October Word-Eerie
November Word-Forgotten November Word-Con

Shattered Memories


December Word-Life December Word-Joyous
The Grace of God