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Title: Q is for Quagmire
Author: M H E Priest
Content Level: 13+
Category: Action/Adventure, Pre-series
Main Featured Characters: Jack O'Neill, Frank Cromwell, General George Hammond
Content Warnings: Blood, Language
Spoilers: 215 A Matter of Time
Summary: Jack is captured by Russians in 1988 Afghanistan.
Series To: Stargate Drabbles' Alphabet Challenge
Author's Notes: Thanks to CoriKay for the beta.
Date Archived: 06/09/18

Title: Quarry
Author: Su Freund
Category: Drabble
Content Warnings: None
Summary: He had vowed he would get the culprit
Date Archived: 30-November-2003

Title: Que Sera Sera Novella - Chosen Hearts Series S9
Author: HailDorothy
Content Level: 13+
Category: Action/Adventure, Angst, Friendship, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Missing Scene/Episode Tag, Romance, Series
Main Featured Characters: Jack O'Neill, Team, Samantha Carter
Content Warnings: Adult Themes, Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
Spoilers: 819-820 Moebius
Summary: Although enforced by TPTB to remain incognito about their marriage, Jack and Sam strive for normalcy outside the SGC only to discover that battling aliens is a lot easier than maintaining domestic bliss and parenting. That's until a vengeful Pete Shanahan and a resurrected Nirrti join forces and Jack finds himself trapped in a freezer with one gassy Rodney McKay!
Series To: Chosen Hearts Series
Author's Notes: This is very long and not broken up. So, if you'd like me to email you the word document, email me privately.
Date Archived: 06/09/06

Title: Questioning the Choice
Author: Hathor
Content Level: 13+
Content Warnings: None
Spoilers: Children of the Gods, Stargate the Movie, Jolinars Memories, Serpents Song, In the Line of Duty, Legacy
Summary: Jack begins to question his choice

Title: Quiet Heroes
Author: Flatkatsi
Content Level: C
Category: Crossover
Main Featured Characters: Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Paul Davis, Original Character
Content Warnings: None
Crossovers: Other
Summary: An unusual request for help has General O'Neill finding out some very unexpected information.
Author's Notes: Although Percy and Elsie Curtis were first introduced in my stories 'Breakfast Meeting' and 'Light Lunch' it is not essential to read those stories first.
Date Archived: 07/22/07

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