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Title: Coup de Foudre
Author: Vicki
Content Level: 13+
Category: UST, POV, Missing Scene/Epilogue, Thoughts
Pairings: Jack/Sam
Spoilers: Children of the Gods, 1969
Summary: Jack's thoughts during his first meeting with Sam during Children of the Gods

Title: Midnight Musings
Author: Vicki
Content Level: 13+
Category: Romance, Humour (I hope!), POV, thoughts
Pairings: Jack/Sam, Daniel/Janet
Content Warnings: none
Spoilers: Mentions of Cassandra, Jacob Carter and the Tok\íra
Summary: The complex mind of one Jack O'Neill

Title: Lonesome Road
Author: Vicky Ocean
Content Level: 13+
Category: Angst, Drama
Main Featured Characters: Jack O'Neill, Cassandra Fraiser, Samantha Carter
Content Warnings: Language
Spoilers: 813 Its Good to Be King, 814 Full Alert
Summary: Their lives in flux, Jack and Cassie spend their annual
father-figure/daughter-figure weekend in Denver.
Date Archived: 11/06/05

Title: The Furling Ambassador
Author: Vicky Ocean
Content Level: C
Category: Crossover, Humor
Crossovers: Other
Summary: Jack meets the Furling Ambassador.
Date Archived: 07/13/05

Title: Mysterious Distance
Author: Vicky Ocean
Content Level: 18+
Category: AlternateUniverse, Angst, Drama
Content Warnings: Adult Themes Language
Summary: There are some things that can't be run away from and can't be broken.
Date Archived: 07/24/05

Title: Return to Sender
Author: Vicky Ocean
Content Level: 13+
Category: Crossover, Humor
Spoilers: Future Story
Crossovers: Atlantis
Summary: General O'Neill has a response for one of the Letters from Pegasus
Date Archived: 07/19/05

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