Title:            “Waking Up”         


Author:         Peg  


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Status:         Complete – Part of Series                     


Category:       Hurt/Comfort - Friendship                  


Pairings:       Jack and Janet Friendship.  Developing into relationship


Spoilers:        only my previous story – “Got to Make it Home”                       


Season:         4


Sequel/Series Info:          “Strength and Courage”




Content Warnings:       none    


Summary:           Jack is Waking up in the infirmary - in more ways than one.


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Author’s Notes:     This takes place immediately following the events of the last story "Got To Make it Home." Jack is waking up in the infirmary following his injuries in that Story


The Series Title “Strength and Courage” comes from a quote by Lao Tzu.   

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,

While loving someone deeply gives you courage."


My thanks to Wendy for her beta-read and suggestions.






Colonel Jack O’Neill wasn’t quite sure when the elephant had stepped on his head, and used him as a soccer ball – but that was sure what it felt like.  As he fought his way to consciousness, he racked his brain to try and recall what had happened.


All at once O’Neill’s memory returned – ‘the planet --- The Jaffa --- His Team!’ - and he tried to sit up.   A wave of agony hit him, and he bit back a guttural groan.  “THAT was a mistake – “Jack muttered, as he fell back onto the bed.   “BIG time!”  The level of pain intensified.


“Well.” A quiet, but icily angry voice sounded near to him.  “I’m glad you realize that.”


Jack knew that voice.  “Doc.”  He whispered, in relieved recognition.  It meant he was in the infirmary.  He had made it home. 


The familiar voice continued.  “NOW, do you mean the mistake of trying to get up before ‘I’ tell you you’re able, or the mistake of trying to take on seven Jaffa single-handed?”  Her voice was brittle.  Jack couldn’t think of an answer.


“Uh, both?” Jack moaned.  He took an agonizing breath, and forced his eyes open.   Dr. Janet Frasier was standing at the foot of his bed.  “Doc.” He said plaintively.  “My team?”


Janet shook her head, and sighed.  “Always the first question,” she murmured.  “Your team is fine.” She answered gently, her best bed-side manner returning. “I sent them to rest. They’ve been pretty worried.”


“How long have I-?” Jack enquired.


“Been out of it?  This is the morning of the third day.” Janet stared at his face with wide eyes.  She took a shallow breath, and admitted, “It was touch and go there for a while, Colonel.


“Feels like it.” Jack grunted.  O’Neill struggled to get up again.  Frasier strode over to the side of his bed and placed her hand firmly on his chest as she said “Don’t try to sit up.  The knife wound is healing nicely, and I don’t want you to damage all my fine work.” 


“But my team is okay?” Jack pleaded.


Janet smiled.  “Yes.  This time Daniel Jackson transferred all his luck to you – Colonel.  You had us mighty worried.” She looked into Jack’s eyes reassuringly.  “Trust me, Colonel.   Your team are all fine, except for a few cuts and bruises on Teal’c.  His symbiote will make short work of that minor damage.”  Janet grabbed a wet cloth, and wiped the Colonel’s face with it.  It felt soothing and refreshing.


Dr. Janet Frasier continued, wryly.  “I had a hard time getting them out of the infirmary.  They insisted on keeping watch.  Finally, I told them that they needed to take the night off or they were going to make themselves sick. I barred them from the infirmary.” Janet smiled down at the Colonel.  “They will be allowed back in a few hours.  Do you understand?”


Jack nodded slowly, as if every movement was an effort beyond words.  Janet noticed, and decided it was time to do a bit more checking on his condition. She grabbed his chart, and glanced over it.  “Let’s take this opportunity to do a little assessment of how you are doing, Colonel.” The doctor said briskly.


Jack winced, and shut his eyes tight.


Doctor Frasier’s professional voice said.   “Okay, Colonel.  Open your eyes.  You know the drill.” 


“Bright lights?” the Colonel said, with disgust.


“Yep, and needles.  Sharp ones.” Janet chuckled.  It was a good sign that his humor was returning so rapidly.


He opened his eyes, and was blinded by the little light Janet always had close at hand.  “Pupils are clear and responsive.” Janet said encouragingly.  “That’s a good sign.” 


“Come-on, Doc” O’Neill griped – “can’t you see I’m in pain here.”


“Right!” Janet said firmly.  “Good first question.”  She paused and looked down at the chart she was holding.  “What level?” Janet asked resolutely –“on a scale of one to ten?”


Jack thought for a moment.  He’d had worse, but not often, and not lately.  “About a seven” he admitted resignedly.


Dr. Janet Frasier breathed sharply in over her teeth. ‘A seven on the Colonel O’Neill scale meant about a thirteen on anyone else’s!’ she thought, grimly.  “All Right,” Janet nodded decisively.  “I’ll give you something for that in a moment.” 


“Doc.” The colonel said exasperatedly,” I’d rather ---“


”Colonel O’Neill!”  Frasier said sharply.  Then she sighed.  She knew how much the colonel hated pain medication.  She had seen his medical history.  She also knew why. Janet Frasier’s strict sense of professional ethics made her furious at the medical misfits who had been O’Neill’s tormentors AFTER Iraq.  Some of the doctors assigned to behind the line hospitals had no business in the medical profession.  They figured the easy short-term solution to the special needs of a patient recovering from a traumatic POW experience in Iraq was to over-medicate them, and ship the problem to a state-side hospital.  


Their ‘medicine’ of choice made it worse, as they used one that had hallucinogenic side effects that kept the horrors of Iraq close to Jack’s memory.  It was also addictive.   And then took him off, cold turkey.  Combining that with the injuries and emotional trauma O’Neill had suffered in Iraq made it one of the worst experiences of his military career, and very wary of any pain medication.  Janet Frasier took a deep breath, and chose a medication that she believed would fit both their needs.  As Janet walked back to Jack’s bedside she reflected that horrible experience had also made the Colonel compassionate with others in similar conditions.  She recalled how O’Neill had helped Daniel Jackson after the incident with the sarcophagus on P3R-636.


The doctor injected the pain medication into O’Neill’s IV.  “I’ll give you a low dose, Colonel” Janet said gently.  “Just enough to take the edge off.” She promised.  “Sometimes your body needs to relax in order for real healing to take place. It will make you a bit sleepy, and I’ll check you later.  This is something we’ve done before. You know you can trust me on this.”  Janet said soothingly.


O’Neill looked over at her hazily.  The medication was already kicking in.  “Always trust you, Janet.” He mumbled groggily, as the medication hit his bloodstream and he drifted off.


“Yes, Colonel.” Janet said softly.  “You can.”  She arranged the bed-coverings, and grasped his wrist, taking his pulse the good old fashioned way, ignoring the fact that the heart monitor beating beside the bed already had a record of it.  If she held his hand just a moment longer than was necessary, no one noticed – except her corpsmen Johnson and Hobbs, who were on their way out of the infirmary after their shift.


Johnson and Hobbs had served with Janet Frasier through two commands.  They had an immense amount of respect for her, and were very protective of ‘their’ Doctor.  Their eyes widened slightly at what they had observed, but Johnson and Hobbs didn’t say a word until the infirmary doors swung shut behind them, and they had walked down the hall a few dozen steps.  Then they stopped, and looked around to make sure they were alone. 


”Hoo boy!” Johnson whispered harshly, looking over at Hobbs with wide-eyes. “Did you see that?”


“Yeah!”  Hobbs agreed.  “Colonel O’Neill only calls Dr. Jackson and Teal’c by their first names.  I’m glad that no-one else was around.”


“Yeah.  That, too!” Johnson said. “But that’s not what I was talking about.  I have never heard the doctor use an angry voice with a patient who was waking up. Not even in Bosnia.  What was that about?”


Hobbs rolled his eyes.  “Duh! She almost lost him.  I think that she just figured out how much she would miss him if she did.”  He paused for a moment, and rolled his eyes.  “And they’re STILL calling it friendship.” He shook his head. 


Johnson nodded and chuckled, but deep inside both of them were relieved that Janet Frasier had been spared the pain of losing her ‘friend.’  They walked towards the elevator, and left the base.


O’Neill slept restfully for the next three hours.  Janet Frasier took the time to phone home and talk to Cassie for a few minutes, and give her the good news.  When Janet stayed on base to tend to a ‘critical’ situation, she still made sure to call Cassie two or three times a day.  This time the situation had been so grave that Janet had not been home since the Colonel’s arrival through the gate three days before. Cassie understood the situation, and had been very worried about her “favorite Uncle”


Cassie was in the care of a retired military woman that had been recommended to Janet by General George Hammond.  She knew the job Janet had, and also knew the type of hours that might be involved.  It was a mutually beneficial agreement for them both.  Major Marjorie Graham didn’t really like retirement, but was over sixty, and liked time off when she wanted it. This job made more sense to her than going to some boring job day after day just to have something to do.   Some months Janet made it home every night.  Others, like this one, she had to stay over.  Doctor Frasier paid a retainer to Graham, whether or not the ‘companion’ (Cassie hated the term baby-sitter) was called.  Then Janet paid top rates for any amount of time she was actually used.  The Major (as she liked to be called) and Cassie got along well.  She had also worked in some classified areas during her time in the military, so she knew how to handle herself, and what questions not to ask. 


After Janet hung up the phone, she lay down on the cot in her office and grabbed a bit of sleep herself.  She was awakened by a loud sound, and was on her way out of her office before she was even fully awake.


The moment three hours had passed; Daniel Jackson stumbled through the infirmary doors with a crash.  He was balancing two impossibly large tomes, a clipboard, and a cup of coffee – with a pen clenched in his teeth.  “My office is too noisy.” He mumbled to Janet apologetically as she came out of her office at a run.  He made his way over to Jack’s bedside – settling into a nearby chair.  Once his hands --- and mouth --- were free, he looked up at Janet worriedly, hoping she would allow him to stay.  “I thought it might be easier to read in here.  How is he?” he asked earnestly.


Janet smiled. She had no doubt that Daniel would find it easier to read in the infirmary with Jack nearby.  In her own office the vision of the blood-soaked Colonel being carried down the ramp by an anxious Teal’c was still very present.  She looked at her watch.  It had been almost exactly six hours since she had chased SG1 out of this room.  Daniel had waited until exactly the second he was allowed back, and charged in.  She had little doubt that he had actually been waiting outside the infirmary doors for the last ten minutes, knowing that if he came in too soon he would risk not seeing the Colonel for another two hours.


Doctor Janet Frasier scrutinized Daniel carefully.  He had apparently gotten some rest, but had also obviously had a couple of cups of coffee, so that there was no way he would be able to go back to sleep anywhere soon.  Had it been anyone other than Daniel she might have thought it was a deliberate attempt to stay awake, but she knew Daniel well enough to know that coffee was a staple in his diet.  Janet shook her head, and sighed.  “All right, Daniel. You can stay for a while.”  If he seemed to lag later, she would deal with it then. 


“He woke up a moment ago.” Janet said.  She smiled softly at the look of relief that flooded Daniel’s face. “He needs rest now, but I don’t think it would hurt if you read here.”


Less than 5 minutes later Major Samantha Carter trudged through the door, followed by Teal’c.  Sam glared at Daniel, seeing that he had already taken up residence in the chair. 


Janet scanned the two new arrivals, frowning in frustration.  Sam Carter had bags under her eyes and fatigue was written in every step she took.  Her body was shouting ‘I need sleep.’  She had obviously not taken Doctor Frasier’s instructions to ‘rest’ seriously.   Her appearance was fine enough to fool most people, at first glance, but Janet was a doctor --- and Sam was her friend.  She had seen this side of Sam Carter before.  Janet frowned in exasperation, and mumbled.  ‘Sometimes it is harder to keep the uninjured team members healthy than it is to mend the injured ones.’


Doctor Janet Frasier pulled herself to full height, and fixed Sam with an icy glare. “Major Samantha Carter.” Janet barked “You did not go to get some sleep.”  Her voice was stern and unwavering.  “YOU went and worked in your lab.” she held out one finger in a classic ‘Ah’ gesture as Sam tried to frame an excuse for her actions.  “I told you to get some sleep” Janet said firmly.  “Now, I’m ordering you to.” 


Janet’s voice softened, but was still resolute in its intent as she said “Sam, you need to go and get some rest.  I want you to sleep for at least 4 hours. Then you can come back here, and I will personally kick Daniel out of that chair.  In order to help you along,” the Doctor added as she turned to the pharmaceutical cabinet, “here are two mild sedatives.  They will just make it easier to actually fall asleep.  The rest will come naturally.”  An idea came to her, and she smiled like a teacher who had caught a mischievous idea before it had been implemented.  Frasier pointed to Sam’s chest, and stated, emphatically “And no alarm setting.”  Sam looked ready to argue, but Janet placed her hand upon her friend’s shoulder, and looking Sam Carter in the eye, continued rationally.  “Listen to your body, Sam.  Sleep until your body says it’s done.”  Sam looked belligerent, but Janet held up her hand.  “I’m serious, Major. You’re no help to him in the shape you’re in.”  Sam sighed.  She knew that the Doctor was right.  She nodded, regretfully, and held out her hand for the sedatives.


Then Janet Frasier turned to look at the larger of the two culprits.  “And Teal’c- I know that you have stayed awake for the last three days.  You could not possibly have reached the deep Kel’noreem needed to repair the damage I know you received.”  Teal’c glowered at her, crossing his arms in non-verbal rejection of her statement.   Frasier glared back at him defiantly, as she emphatically stated “You need to go and do what is necessary for your own healing to take place.”  She leaned forward, crossing her own arms, and echoing his body language.  “Teal’c” she said resolutely.  “You had an ordeal on that planet as well, and I need you to take proper measures to recuperate.”  She waited, without lowering her glare, until she saw a small bow of Teal’c’s head.  Then she relaxed.


“I will allow you both to stay for a moment, but then you are to help me out here by letting me concentrate on the recuperation of the Colonel, and not making me worry about you.”  Janet Frasier gave the two soldiers a fierce look, and waited, staring intently, like the formidable healer she was. Reluctantly Sam and Teal’c both nodded acquiescence to her demands.


Janet’s demeanor softened, and she said quietly.  “Good.”  Then she smiled, as she updated them on the Colonel’s condition “He woke up a while ago.  His vitals were good, and there was definite sign of recuperation.”  Janet saw the look of joyful relief that flashed across both faces. Frasier chuckled.   It was the most expressive she had ever seen the stoic Jaffa. “I gave him a small dose of pain-killers that made him rest again.”  She motioned to the bed.   “His first question was about” she gestured towards the three of them, “your safety. And well being.”  She smiled. “I told him you were okay.  Don’t make me a liar!” 


Janet Frasier paused, and looked over at the bed where the Colonel lay, then turned back and said quietly “I think he may be awake by the next time you return. I want him to see you healthy.  That will be instrumental in HIS recovery.  Now – it’s time for you to help me with that.” Teal’c and Sam looked back at the infirmary doors.  Janet smiled and made a gesture towards the door. “If I know that you are both in your quarters I will send Johnson to find you if anything significant happens.”  They nodded and left the infirmary.


Hours later Janet noticed Daniel beginning to nod off in his chair.  She went over to wake him up and smiled as she realized that the Colonel had regained consciousness.  He was awake, and gazing at the young archeologist.  He looked up at Janet’s approach.  She grinned at him conspiratorially, and whispered, “I just can’t keep them out of here.” The Colonel chuckled quietly.  “They’re almost permanent fixtures.” Janet grabbed a glass, and held the straw so that the Colonel could get a sip of water. 


“Thanks.” O’Neill whispered, and moved his face slightly to gaze up into her eyes.  Janet smiled in relief.  The lines of pain around his eyes were diminishing, and she knew that the famous ‘O’Neill Constitution” was hard at work.


 “I’m glad to see that they made it, Doc.”  Jack said, sincerely.


“I’m glad to see you made it.” She said seriously.  “It was touch and go for a while.  She reached over and grabbed the chart.  “All Right Colonel, you know the drill.


“Bright lights?” Jack asked plaintively.


“And needles.” Janet jested, as she checked the responsiveness of his pupils.  She made a mark on the chart, and looked up at him.  “Level of pain?” she asked firmly.


“Down to about a five.” Jack answered. 


“I can wait before administering more medication for a while.” Janet offered.


“Thanks.” Jack replied, then asked - “Sam and Teal’c?” 


Janet responded, “I ordered them to rest.  I actually expect them back any time, but neither of them wanted to leave your side – even to sleep.”


“Thanks for taking care of my team, doc.” Jack said seriously.  Janet reached out and took his wrist again, measuring his pulse.  Jack pulled his wrist down through her fingers until their palms rested together.  “I mean it, Janet.  Thanks for taking such good care of them.” He said, almost about to say something more …when he noticed some motion to one side.


 Daniel Jackson had been awakened by the movement beside his chair.  His eyes opened blearily, and he looked over to see what appeared to be Dr. Janet Frasier holding Jack O’Neill’s hand.  He closed his eyes and shook off his sleepiness.  Jack and Janet both noticed the slight movement, and by the time Daniel’s eyes opened again, he saw her hand back in the correct pulse taking position.   “Hey Sleeping Beauty,” Jack joked.  I knew that those books would put you to sleep.  They would sure put me to sleep.” 


Just then Carter and Teal’c walked back into the room, both looking generally refreshed. The other two team-members beamed widely when they saw the conscious Jack O’Neill jesting with Daniel Jackson.  They crowded around his beside.   “Well, Colonel. It appears you’re going to live.” Janet smiled. 


Janet saw Doctor Warner enter the room for his shift.  She gave the team members some privacy as she walked over to Warner, and discussed the colonel’s case with him.  She stifled a yawn, and realized that the time had come for her to obey the orders she had given to Sam and Teal’c earlier that day.  It was time for her to go home and get some rest.  She relinquished the infirmary to the charge of Doctor Warner. 


A moment later, Janet returned to the head of Jack’s bed.  “I’ve told Warner that you can stay for a while;” she informed Sam and Teal’c.  “As for me, it’s time to go home.  I haven’t seen my beautiful daughter in 3 days, and THAT is making ME sick.” Janet said tiredly.


“When can I get out of here, Doc?” Jack grumbled.


Janet rolled her eyes, and raised her hands in a ‘why me’ gesture.  “If you stay lying down, and don’t move around too much - and barring unforeseen complications - I can let you out in a few days.  I’ll review your chart when I get back to base tomorrow.  We’ll see then.” Janet said.


Janet went to her office to grab her coat and bag.  As she passed by Jack’s bed on the way out of the infirmary she gave the team a grin and a wave.  She turned at the door for a second, and looked back at the group surrounding the Colonel in the infirmary bed.  Their eyes were focused on him, but he was staring towards Janet at the door.  She turned back fully, and sent the Colonel a radiant smile, meant to say ‘I’m glad you’re okay.  I’m glad you’ve come home to us.”  What she didn’t realize was that anyone looking would have testified that the grin actually said ‘I’m relieved that you’re okay.  I’m so glad that you’ve come home to me.’  Jack stared after her as she exited the infirmary, and headed for home.


The team was cracking jokes around him, but Jack was unusually quiet as he watched the doctor leave.  He was still feeling the effects of the pain medication, so his face was uncharacteristically echoing some of the emotions he was feeling.  Daniel was staring at Jack’s face as Janet left, and his eyes widened slightly.  It was only there for an instant, and then the joking mask of Colonel Jack O’Neill was back in place, almost as if it had never been gone,  Colonel Jack O’Neill turned back to join in the conversation with his team-mates.


Daniel was sure that what he had seen flit across Jack’s face in that instant was affection.  Actually affection did not even begin to cover what he thought he saw.  The flash had been full of caring and longing.    But the flash of emotion had been so fleeting that Daniel wondered if he had even seen it.  He wondered about what he had observed earlier, but rejected it as tiredness on his part. ‘Nah.’ Daniel said to himself, ‘I didn’t really see that, did I?’   But the back of Daniel’s mind lurked the thought – ‘Could Jack be falling in love with Janet?’


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