Title:            “Infirmary and Commissary Vignette”         


Author:         Peg  


Email:           kempp@telus.net


Status           Complete – Part of “Strength and Courage” series


Category:      POV - developing romance                   


Pairings:       Jack and Janet Friendship.  Will become a relationship later in the series


Spoilers:        none                       


Season:         3 - 4


Sequel/Series Info:          “Strength and Courage”


CONTENT LEVEL: C             


Content Warnings:       none    


Summary:           Observations on the developing friendship between Jack and Janet by infirmary staff


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Author’s Notes:     My thanks to Wendy for her beta-read and suggestions.  Her help was appreciated.     I had to throw in the bit about Jack whistling.







Colonel Jack O’Neill was whistling as he strode through the hallway towards the infirmary.  He stuck his head through the door, looking around quickly.  It was a quiet day, so the beds were empty, he noticed with satisfaction.  It had been almost 3 weeks since Whitman had been killed, and there had been no off-world incidents since then.   Jack walked in; looking through the infirmary until he found the person he was seeking slogging through a pile of paperwork on her desk.


“Hey, Doc”.  O'Neill called, jauntily leaning against the door-frame. “The kids and I are headed for lunch.  Do you want to join us?” 


Janet shot the colonel a greeting smile.  Her face lit with pleasure at the invitation, but she shook her head.  “I’ve got a bit of paper-work that has to be finished before this afternoon.” She grimaced, and waved her hand over the various piles of files on her desk.  “No rest for the weary.” Janet moaned.  “I’m on a deadline.  If I’m done in a reasonable amount of time I’ll drop by the commissary to see if you guys are still there.”


Jack grinned, ruefully, and nodded.  He knew what paperwork could be like.  He shrugged, and said hopefully, “See you later”, then turned, and left the room.


It didn’t occur to either Jack O’Neill or Janet Frasier that the two were beginning to meet up for a lot of their on-base meals.  They had begun to run into each other for a meal or a coffee at least once a day, although rarely without another member of SG1 present.


The two corpsmen stocking the medicine cabinet in the back looked at each other and grinned.


“Did you see that?” Dave Johnson asked, chuckling.


“What?” Matthew Hobbs asked with mock innocence, and raised eyebrows.  “You mean, Colonel O’Neill entering the infirmary voluntarily; at a time when Daniel Jackson isn’t in that bed?” Hobbs gestured towards the unit that Jackson had used so frequently that Doctor Frasier threatened to have his name engraved on a plaque above it.  “Yeah,” Hobbs nodded.  “I saw it.  The question is --- who do they think they’re fooling?”


“Honestly?” Johnson asked, serious for a second.  “I think they’re fooling themselves.  They’re calling it friendship.  I don’t think anything else has even dawned on them. But when was the last time you heard Colonel O’Neill whistling?”  Johnson asked, incredulously. 


Hobbs nodded at Johnson, and then looked swiftly at Janet’s office.  He lowered his voice to a whisper.  “I think you’re right.  I wonder how long they can keep it up before one of them realizes.”  The two corpsmen chuckled at the failings of the two officers, and continued their job, talking as they worked.  By the time Janet Frasier left her office a half hour later she walked in on a conversation about football. 


Janet left her office with a pile of files.  Hobbs, “she asked cheerfully, “General Hammond asked for these files.  Take them right up to his office, please.  I’ll be back after lunch.”  Smiling broadly, she walked out the door, turning down the hall towards the commissary.  Janet walked away with an obvious spring in her step, leaving in her wake two bemused and fondly grinning corpsmen. 


It didn’t take long to arrive at the commissary.  Inside the door, Janet looked to see if O’Neill and the others were still there.  It took very little time to locate the table where the four members of SG1 were just finishing up lunch. Janet smiled as Sam and O’Neill waved her over.  She made her way through the line, and joined them, reflecting as she did that this was one of the favourite parts of her day.





Dave Johnson and Matthew Hobbs met in the commissary for breakfast.  Their shift began in a half hour, and they were just finishing their scrambled eggs.  Johnson leaned back with his cup of coffee, and glanced around the room.  He noticed one of the control room guys coming in the door.  He had known Stevenson from a previous command, and waved him over.


“Hey, Stevenson.” Johnson called out, raising his cup in greeting.  Do you know who’s in the field?”


Stevenson stopped for a moment, and nodded.  “Yeah ---I just got off shift.  SG17, and 14 are on that geological expedition to the beach planet.” Stevenson grinned.


“Lucky ---Hobbs chuckled.  “I wouldn’t mind going to a beach planet.”


 Johnson and Stevenson nodded in agreement.  They had both had to plug in their car the night before.


Johnson said with relief “So they’re the only ones.”  He gave a smile to Hobbs, and they both relaxed a little, until they heard Stevenson pipe in  Well, SG1 left a few minutes ago,” Stevenson added.  “It was a standard recon mission.  No big deal.”


Johnson and Hobbs looked at each other sharply. 


“What?” Stevenson asked with upraised eyebrows. 


Johnson gave a phony laugh.  At least, it sounded phony to Hobbs --- but they knew each other pretty well.  “Hey, you know we like the infirmary nice and quiet.” Johnson said, by way of explanation. 


Hobbs jumped in “That rarely happens when one of the recon teams is off world.”  They both held their breath waiting to see if Stevenson would accept that explanation.


Stevenson nodded, distractedly.  He had noticed that the rest of his shift half-way through the line, and said.  “Yeah, I can see that.”  Then, giving it no more thought, he walked over to join the rest of his shift for breakfast.


Johnson and Hobbs waited until Stevenson was out of earshot before they began murmuring together in harsh whispers.


 “Crap!” Hobbs winced, “You know what she’s like when SG1 is off world. And it’s not just O’Neill either.”


“I know – Doctor Jackson and Sam Carter are good friends, too.  And even Teal’c,” Johnson interjected.  Both men were still slightly nervous around the reticent, but ever alert, Jaffa.


Johnson said. “I know the doc is always" -he wondered how to phrase it – “a bit on edge whenever any of the first contact teams heads out.  But you know what she is like with SG1 out there."


Oh, Yeah” Hobbs groaned in agreement. “Which means that she will be tense until they get back.” He leaned forward, and took another sip of coffee, before continuing, “And that means that we have to watch our step until they get back.”


“Do you think it’s the whole team she worries about?”  Johnson asked.


”I think she worries about every team.” Hobbs replied. “If you’re asking whether there is one specific team-member of SG1 that she worries about?  Well, I think we both know the answer to that one.”  Johnson remembered the episode last week with the whistling Colonel O’Neill, and nodded.


Hobbs looked at his watch.  “Yep, it will be a harsh day for the two of us today, so we’d best be on our best behaviour.  And I don’t think that being late would be a great idea.  Let’s head out.” 


They took their tray to the appropriate area, and marched briskly towards the infirmary.

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