Title:            “Pizza at Luigi’s – the next morning”         


Author:         Peg  


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Category:        Friendship - will be romance later in series                  


Pairings:       Jack and Janet Friendship.  Will become a relationship later in the series


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Season:         3


Sequel/Series Info:          “Strength and Courage”


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Content Warnings:       none    


Summary:           A rough week at the SG leads to conversation 


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Author’s Notes:     My thanks to Wendy for her beta-read and excellent suggestions on how to improve my story.  I really appreciate it




Dr. Janet Frasier arrived at the base at an incredibly early hour. It was honestly what her comrades at arms called 0h-dark hundred.   This was often the case with Janet when people had been injured.  She had an arrangement with a baby-sitter to spend the night whenever necessary, and to come in at what others would call “insane hours’.  Too often it had been needed.  There were times when Frasier didn’t leave the infirmary for days if an injury was severe enough. 


Janet walked by the airman at the gate, nodding distractedly, and trudged towards the elevator.  It had been a very bad day yesterday.  ‘Understatement’ Janet thought to herself.  ‘It was always a bad day when she lost a patient.’  She plodded through the nearly empty halls towards the infirmary. She felt so tired.


Janet paused at outside the door of the infirmary.  She closed her eyes for a moment, and took a deep breath.  This was not what her staff or patients needed to see.  They needed a confident doctor who could dispense medicine and hope without a moment’s hesitation.  She prepared herself, and put on the mask of her full professional persona.


 Janet entered the room like a blast of energy; everyone looked up with hopeful eyes.  Her character exuded confident optimism.  It worked.  She found her staff pulling themselves alert, and grinning.  It was as if her entrance ensured that was going to be a better day.


Janet asked her staff for updates on what had happened during the night.  They murmured together, and then Janet moved on.  She walked over towards the two beds, checking charts and vitals for the remaining members of SG7.  Wiley and Schmidt looked like crap, but they had made it through the night.  There was some improvement in Wiley, but Schmidt had gone slightly downhill overnight. That worried her, but neither of them was out of the woods yet.  Their team leader, Captain Weber, looked worse than both of them, and he was healthy.  Weber was asleep in a chair between the two beds, and he had obviously been keeping watch over his team all night.  He was still in the same dirty and blood covered uniform from the day before.  Janet remembered that the Captain had carried Whitman the last 100 meters through the gate.  She was hesitant to wake him, but knew that she needed to.  He wasn’t any good to his team members in the shape he was in.


Frasier placed a hand on Weber’s shoulder, and gently shook him awake.  “I know you feel like you need to be here, Captain Weber, but you’ll be doing your team no good if you don’t take care of yourself.  I want you to go get a shower and some clean clothes.  Then get some breakfast.” 


Weber started to argue, but Janet was adamant.   That’s an order, mister!” Janet exclaimed firmly.  “I don’t want to see you back here for at least two hours.  I believe you have a de-briefing at 10 hundred hours.  You’ll be able to see them for a few minutes before that.


Weber looked at her with anguish in his eyes.  “But” he began, argumentatively.  “Ah” Janet held up one finger, and fixed him with her iron glare – “I CAN make it four hours if you wish” she said, threateningly. 


“No, Ma’am!” the captain said quickly. He had no doubt that she would do it.   He headed for the door, and then looked back, hesitantly.  “Are they ok, Ma’am?” he asked, fearfully. 



Janet smiled at him, exuding a hope that she didn’t quite feel yet as she said.  “They had a good night, Captain.” She nodded, seriously. Sighing at the look of relief that flashed over his face, she hoped that his confidence in her was not misplaced.  “We’ll be running a few more tests later today, and maybe we’ll know something definite by nightfall.”  Janet declared with a certainty she did not yet feel. 


Weber was still very reluctant to leave.  Janet smiled.  “Captain Weber.” She said softly.  “It’s a small base, and you need to be cleaned up and alert before your de-briefing.  This is the right thing for you to do right now. I have two nurses watching Wiley and Schmidt.  I WILL find you if anything significant occurs.”


Janet’s words let Weber feel that he could leave his team in their capable hands, and trust that they would still be here when he returned.  He nodded sharply, and turned to leave the room, striding towards the showers.


Janet looked over at a corpsman in the corner.  “He’s yours, Johnson.” She said, curtly, motioning after the young Captain.  The corpsman smiled.  One of the things that Janet had instigated was assigning corpsmen to keep an eye on the “healthy” members of an SG team.  Sometimes they would spend so much time worrying over their fallen team-mates that they would let their own health slide.  If that seemed to be the case, the corpsmen would inform Doctor Frasier, and she would intervene.  The corpsmen loved that she made them more a part of the medical team by assigning that task.  Most of them had been under other commands where they were considered nothing more than glorified stock boys and stretcher bearers.


Janet whirled into action, as she assessed the tasks for the day.  She made assignments, reviewed the night’s work, and said “I’ll be back after my coffee.”   Then she left the infirmary, walked down the hall a ways, and leaned against the wall, closing her eyes, rubbing one hand through her hair.  She let out a deep breath, every iota of her exhaustion and despair flitting across her face.


“So, THAT’S how it works” a voice beside her said genially. 


Janet started, and looked up into the face of Colonel Jack O’Neill.  She winced.  “How much of that did you see?” she asked, carefully.


 “Enough to know that you issue a lot of hope as well as medicine.” Jack answered, wryly. He shook his head. 


“When there is hope to give, I give it.” Janet admitted, softly. 


“How are Schmidt and Wiley?” Jack asked seriously. “I came by to ask about them.  And you look as if you could use some coffee.”


Janet nodded.  “Coffee sounds good.”  They fell into step, side by side, heading towards the commissary.


Jack asked again, in a low, harsh whisper.  “Schmidt and Wiley?”


“We’ll see.” Janet said softly.  “It’s pretty up in the air.  They were both hit by staff blasts,” she explained.  She stopped, and looked around to ensure that no one was in hearing distance.  She took a step closer to Jack, and said, “It’s Weber I’m worried about.  “This is his first command.”  Janet said in an intense whisper, “He seems to be taking it really hard.”


Jack nodded.  “I noticed.” He confirmed.  “I think this is the first time he has lost someone under his command.”  He looked over Janet’s shoulder, as if focusing his eyes on the past.  “It’s harsh, but it’s a reality in this line of work. It was going to happen sooner or later.”  He looked down at her concerned face, and smiled tentatively, before he continued.  “You worry about us all, don’t you?  Healthy or not?” He said in a terse undertone.


“That’s my job.” Janet said, as she stepped away and began walking again.  Jack fell into step beside her. “The CMO is not just responsible for the sick.  You know how it is.” Janet gestured, with one hand.  “We prepare for the worst here, and we do everything we can to make sure that the people who are out there are worthy of the trust that this nation” she shook her head wryly, and looked over at Jack, rolling her eyes.  “Actually --- this planet --- has in them. It’s a big responsibility.”


Jack nodded.  “I guess that about sums it up, doesn’t it?” He said, thoughtfully.  “And Weber?” he asked Janet, weighing her opinion against his own.”


Janet smiled.  “I’ve heard nothing but good things about Weber from his people. I think he’ll do, but that is up to him.”


They reached the commissary, and grabbed coffee and some breakfast.  Jack and Janet sat down at the usual SG1 table, not even noticing the few curious looks they received from people who were used to seeing O’Neill sitting alone or with his team.  When they leaned over the table so that they could talk quietly, that got a few more curious looks. 


People quickly turned away, or looked at their own plates when Janet looked around to ensure that no one was within hearing range, before she continued her previous conversation.  “Losing a man will either make or break a leader.” Janet said intently, “It ALWAYS affects you.” 


Janet spoke as if from experience, and Jack’s eyes opened wide.  He leaned back, and crossed his arms.  “O---kay!” He said with one eyebrow raised high.  “When and where?” 


Janet sighed. She knew the question he was really asking.  She looked into her coffee, then up into his face.  “I’ve been in four war-zones, Colonel.” She said, frankly.  “I’ve sent Doctors and nurses to assist in front line aid stations who didn’t make it back.  It’s not easy, but as you said, it’s a reality in this line of work – it’s a part of this life ---“  Janet gestured at the other people sitting in the commissary, as she stated bluntly.  “that we can’t avoid.”  Janet shook her head, wryly, and said sarcastically, “There’s no life like it ---” 


Jack nodded, and grinned as he finished for her “and for that the rest of the world is extremely grateful.”  It was an old military joke.  He took a sip of his coffee, and shrugged.  “Yeah, I know.” He breathed.  “As for Weber, I’ll keep an eye out.  If he can accept responsibility for his part in the incident, without taking on a burden of misplaced guilt, or making it a blinder that affects his ability to make necessary judgments and decisions --- then he’ll do okay.” Jack looked down at his coffee, then up again with a questioning frown on his face.  “He must have known that it was always a possibility” Jack said, simply.  “Hell!” He exclaimed darkly, “We’ve seen enough death here that if he didn’t, he should have!”


Janet nodded, thinking about all the death certificates she had written in the past.  She sighed, and shook off the dark mood.  Finishing her coffee quickly, she stood up and said. “It’s time for me to get back to the infirmary.”


Jack nodded.  “I’ll walk you.  I’m supposed to sit in on Weber’s debriefing.” He smiled seriously and said, “I have a feeling I’ll find him there.” 


“He’d better not be there.” Janet said fiercely.  “I told him that I didn’t want to see him for two hours.”


Janet walked briskly towards the infirmary, with Jack keeping pace.  As they neared the door, she saw that Weber, showered and in clean BDU’s, was sitting on the floor in the corridor. He had a sandwich in one hand.  He looked over hopefully, but winced when Janet glared at him, fiercely.  “I thought I made myself perfectly clear, Captain.” She said in an icy tone.  Two hours!” 


 Weber looked up to see Janet Frasier’s icy glare.  That was frightening enough.  What was even more frightening was that glare was echoed on the face of the granite features of the leader of SG1 beside her. 


“Yessir!” he declared, hurriedly. He jumped up, and stood at attention.  “Yes Ma’am!” he saluted, sharply.  “I’ll be going now, Ma’am.” 


Janet sighed, and shook her head.  “You can come in for one moment, Captain.” she allowed firmly.  “Only one!”


Weber followed the doctor and the colonel into the infirmary.  The sight that appeared when they walked through the doors of sickbay was one of flurried activity.   Wiley and Schmidt were both waking up from their ordeal.  It looked like they were going to be okay. 


Janet shared a glance of relief with Jack O’Neill, then moved into professional mode, checking vitals, comprehension, and flashing her little light in their eyes.  She turned to Weber, noting the mixture of relief and joy that played over his features.  She smiled a brilliant smile at Weber and Colonel O’Neill, confirming to the both of them that it looked like a solid recovery for Schmidt and Wiley.  


It was going to be a good day, after all.

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