Title:            “Friends Forever”         


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Season:         early season 5


Sequel/Series Info:          “Strength and Courage”


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Summary:           A Proposal and a Wedding – The series is complete


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Author’s Notes:     I want to once again thank Wendy for her help during the entire series of “Strength and Courage”.  Her beta-reading and suggestions were great helps, and an invaluable resource.


"Friends Forever"



Janet Frasier stared at the doors leading to the rest of her life, willing it to open.  She knew that through those doors was a life-changing experience, and one that she had been looking forward to for months.  Her mind cast itself back, remembering that night three months ago. 



Colonel Jack O’Neill had invited Janet and Cassie over for dinner at his home.  He had mentioned stargazing, which seemed to interest Cassie, and that the rings around Saturn were going to be particularly bright that night.  Janet always looked forward to any time that they could be together, and was glad to agree.


Janet knocked on the door, alone.  At the last minute Cassie had begged off, saying that her friend Sarah had invited her to go to the movies.  She wouldn’t change her mind - no matter how hard Janet tried to persuade her.


Jack answered the door, and invited Janet to follow him into the dining area.  He was just finishing setting the table.  Janet was surprised to see that Jack had set the table for just the two of them.  He shrugged nonchalantly, “Cass talked to me.” He explained, smiling.


 Janet had been disappointed with Cassie’s decision, and blurted something about ‘teenagers not wanting to hang around with their parents.’  As soon as Janet realized what she had said, she blushed.  The thought of her and Jack being together had been becoming more prevalent in her thoughts, but it hadn’t been something that they had ever really discussed.  Although Janet knew he cared for her deeply, she didn’t want to make Jack feel uncomfortable if those hopes were not as close to his own heart.


The Colonel seemed not to notice her slip of tongue, although she wondered as a mischievous grin flitted across his face.  He held out the chair for Janet, and went to get the food.  Jack came out of the kitchen with delicious homemade lasagne.  There were homemade raspberry crepes for dessert... 


“I thought you only ate take-out.”  Janet laughed.


“Actually, I like cooking.  I just don’t often have time for it.” Jack admitted. “I never want to put in all the trouble when it’s only me eating, and if it’s a team night I’d rather spend the time hanging out than in the kitchen.” Jack looked over at Janet’s face, and smiled warmly, touching her hand lightly as he said “But I wanted to cook for you tonight, although I did choose a meal where all the preparations could be done ahead of time.”


Janet found the meal delicious, and enjoyed Jack’s company.  They talked over their day, and although Jack seemed a bit distracted, Janet found herself laughing over his description of an argument between Rothman and Daniel.  “Never get in between two archaeologists disagreeing about an artifact.” Jack laughed.  “Daniel threw a book at him, and not one of his journals.  It must have weighed a ton.  He’s got good aim, too.  I might have to try and teach him baseball” Janet grinned.  She knew it was true.  Rothman had come to her with a goose-egg on his head, but had refused to tell her how he had gotten it. 


Janet and Jack were just beginning the dessert when Janet thought she heard a noise in another part of the house.  Jack looked irritated.  “I was watching TV in the bedroom as I was getting dressed.” Jack said.  “I must have forgotten to turn it off.  I’ll be back in a minute.”  He excused himself from the table, and returned a moment later.  The sound was gone.


After dessert, Jack made coffee.  He placed it in a thermos, and laced it with Heather Cream.   Jack motioned to the patio door.  “The stars await, my lady.” He said with a grin.  “Let’s go up to the roof.  I have everything set up for viewing.”  Janet took the thermos and Jack carried the cups as they climbed the ladder to the roof.


Janet was impressed by the care that Jack had taken. Jack had the telescope set up, but had also placed a quilt nearby to lay back on, with pillows and a wrap close by.


Jack showed Janet the rings of Saturn in his scope.  They were pretty marvelous.  Then Jack arranged the pillows and motioned her to lie down beside him, and look up at the stars.  It was a dark night, and the stars seemed like diamonds in the sky. 


Jack began pointing out the constellations.  Janet just listened.  She cherished this time shared together talking about one of his passions.  Janet was at peace with him here, and was content just to listen to him talk about what he loved.  Since Cassie had joined the astronomy club, Janet had already been introduced to many of these constellations, but this time it seemed even more special.


Janet spoke softly.  “I think I like the story of Perseus best,” Janet said, pointing up at the constellation in the night sky.  “He’s called ‘the hero.’  I think he’s a lot like you – always going off on adventures, doing the impossible to protect humanity, and surviving through adversity.”


Jack leaned up on one elbow and looked into her face.  “I guess that makes you Andromeda, then.” Jack said, huskily.  “The story of Andromeda is that she a princess who was imprisoned, but that Perseus fell in love with her.  He agreed to save her, but only if he could have her hand in marriage.  You are my Andromeda.”


Janet looked over at him curiously.  Her heart was thumping heavily in her chest.  ‘Was Jack saying what she thought? Did she even dare hope?’


“Janet,” Jack said.  “I want you to know that the past six months has been the best of my life - because you’ve been in them.  I never thought I would feel the way I feel about you again.  Until I met you I had given up on love.  You have brought joy to my life, and I don’t want it to end.  I want you to know that I love you.”


Jack sat up, and fished around in his pocket.  His hand brought out something metallic.  The moonlight glinted off it, sparkling in the night.  Jack knelt beside Janet on the blanket.   She leaned forward onto one elbow, and moved to where she could see into his eyes.


“I had one intention when I asked you here tonight”. Jack said.  He took a deep breath, and declared,    “Janet, you mean so much to me.  I want you to share my life.”  Jack held out the ring.  His face was apprehensive, and he faltered slightly.  “Would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”  Janet stared at the ring.  It was made of white gold with an inset Sapphire.  There were tiny diamonds on either side of the stone.  “I had it made”.  Jack said.  “The way the ring is fashioned the stone won’t catch on anything, so you can still do most of your job with it on.”


 Jack was holding his breath.  His face was in the shadows, but Janet swore that it filled with light when he heard her answer.  “Jack, of course I’ll marry you.” Janet said with conviction and joy.


Jack smiled with relief and elation.  He leaned over, tasting her lips in a kiss so intense that she could feel his joy.  Jack sat up, pulling her to join him in a sitting position.  His hands trembled as he took her left hand and gently placed his ring on her finger.  Jack looked deep into Janet’s eyes, his face totally unmasked before her; he radiated love, and joy, and relief, and satisfaction – all at once.  He caught her lips again, hugging her to him tightly; so tightly that Janet could feel his heart beat – and realized that it was beating in time with hers.


Jack murmured in her ear as he released her, “You have made me so happy tonight.”  He brought his head back from hers, and sat gazing upon her face with a grin so full of joy and love that it brought tears of joy to her own eyes, as he leaned over to kiss her, quickly, once again.  Then Jack grabbed his cell-phone and speed dialed.  “SHE SAID YES!”  He yelled into the phone.


Suddenly the house below them was filled with whoops and squeals of joy.  A second later, Cassie, Sam and Daniel trooped out of the house and over to the ladder.


“They knew you were going to ask me?” Janet said incredulously. 


Jack shook his head.  “Cassie knew.  That’s why she didn’t want to come tonight.  I wanted to make sure that Cassie was okay with this, Janet.” Jack explained.  “I talked to her yesterday, and asked for her permission to propose to you.”


“And I talked to Sam, and she told Daniel” Cassie laughed.


“And they all showed up just before dinner. The sound you heard earlier was them NOT hiding very well, until I found the nerve to actually ask you the question.”


Janet barely had time to nod, before she was being hugged by Cassie and Sam, who had climbed up to join them on the roof.  Daniel still stood on the ladder, smiling wistfully, remembering his own happiness with Shau’re – but that meant he was also recalling his own sadness now.  Then he was up on the roof too, smiling his own congratulations, and elated at the look of joy on his friend’s face.



Janet was brought back to the present by a hand on her arm.  Janet looked up to see Sam Carter, beautiful in a dove-gray silk dress.  “It’s almost time, Janet.” Sam smiled, joyfully. 


Janet smiled at her friend.  “You are beautiful in that dress, Sam.”  Janet said to her.  She smiled at the uncertain look on her friend’s face.  “I know you would feel better in your Class A uniform, but this time I got to choose.”  Janet laughed.  “And I know a certain archaeologist who won’t be able to take his eyes off you,” she said to Sam. Janet chuckled as she saw the blush that came over her friend’s face.  She turned to her daughter, Cassie, who was standing by the door, waiting.  Cassie and Sam had been delighted to be asked to stand with Janet as bridesmaids.  Janet hugged her daughter joyfully.  “You look beautiful, too, Cassie.  I think you two will outshine me.”


Sam Carter laughed.  “I don’t think so.”  She said.  “The Colonel is going to be stunned by how beautiful you look today, Janet.  You are radiant.” 


The door opened slightly, and General Hammond slipped in, wearing his dress blues.  “It’s time, Doctor.”  The General said happily.  “I am honoured, doctor, that you have asked me to walk you down the aisle.”


“General Hammond, I would not have chosen anyone else but you, and I am the one who is honoured, Sir.” Janet said with a radiant smile.


They walked to the door.  Cassie knocked, letting them know they were ready.  A swell of music drifted from the next room. 


Matthew Hobbs and Dave Johnson opened the double doors of the Air Force Academy Chapel.  They were in their dress uniforms, and stood at attention on either side.  They had been delighted and flattered to be asked to be ushers for her wedding.


Cassie moved up the aisle, followed by Sam.  They looked gorgeous.  Janet paused for a moment at the door, looking out at all her friends and comrades.  She grasped General Hammonds arm, preparing to move.   The music began to play the selection from Hans Schumann that Janet had chosen for her bridal procession.  It was a portion of one of the concertos that Janet had enjoyed on her first real date with Jack O’Neill so many months ago. 


Janet’s eyes focused on the front – and there stood Colonel Jack O’Neill in his Dress blues.  Janet glided up the aisle, a vision of beauty in the simple dress she had chosen, crystal beadwork reflecting the lights from the chapel.  She was hardly aware of moving, for when she saw her fiancé down the aisle it was us as if the same irresistible force that had been at work in their lives for the past year seemed to guide her footsteps nearer to him.


Her eyes were only on Jack.  She was barely aware of anyone else in the room; scarcely aware of Daniel Jackson and Teal’c standing beside him as groomsmen.  Jack’s grin was full of joy – and contagious, and as she gripped his outstretched hand she found herself smiling back, just as widely.


For a moment they stared into each other’s eyes holding hands, the love between them evident to everyone in the room.  Jack grasped her hand in his, and lifted it to his lips. He remembered their conversation in the commissary so many months ago. Jack grazed her knuckles with his lips and whispered, “Friends, forever?” She smiled back, and nodded. “Friends, forever!” she murmured back.


They turned as one to look at the SGC chaplain.  They knew that as long as they were together they could face whatever life had to bring.  No one in their professions could ever know how long they might be together, but they were joyful and certain in their decision that their life would be together, as husband and wife, as long as they lived. 


Jack and Janet’s hearts sang with joy as they spoke the words of dedication and commitment to each other. They stared at each other revelling in the idea that those words could mean so much to each other. 


And then it was over.  But it was really just a new beginning for their lives.  Jack kissed Janet chastely, a promise of more to come – and they walked down the aisle to begin their life together. Dr. Janet Frasier and Colonel Jack O’Neill, living together, working together, loving each other, and being a support for each other in the hardest job in the universe.




“A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities. " --William Arthur Ward