Title:            “Picnic Vignette”         


Author:         Peg  


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Status:         complete – part of series                    


Category:       pov – of romance                  


Pairings:       Jack/ Janet


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Season:         4


Sequel/Series Info:          “Strength and Courage”


CONTENT LEVEL: C             


Content Warnings:       none    


Summary:           Hobbs and Johnson see something surprising at the park


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Author’s Notes:     Thanks go to Wendy for beta-reading and encouragement.

This story takes place a while after the events of “The Barbecue”




It was a beautiful summer afternoon when Dave Johnson and his wife, Denise, walked hand in hand through the park.  Dave and Denise had decided to have a picnic that afternoon, and at the last moment had phoned to ask Matthew Hobbs to join them with his fiancé, Mandy.  It was intended as a chance for the Johnsons to get better acquainted with Hobb’s fiancé, as Matthew was considered more like a brother than a friend to Dave Johnson.


Johnson stopped short, looking at the scene in front of him with astonishment on his face.  He had almost convinced himself that he was hallucinating when Denise turned to follow his stare, and said, “Isn’t that your boss?”


About 50 feet away Colonel Jack O’Neill was sitting against a tree with a book in his hand, reading.  That seemed unusual enough to the young corpsmen who only knew O’Neill in his professional capacity and persona.  What was even more unusual was the person sprawled against the Colonel, resting her back and neck against his chest was none other that Dr. Janet Fraiser.  O’Neill was sitting with one leg bent, and the other possessively curved over one of Fraiser’s legs.  She held a book as well, and turned her face towards the Colonel’s for a second to say something to him, only to have her lips caught in an ardent and spontaneous kiss.  She turned away with a broad smile on her face.  The Colonel took that chance to nuzzle her neck, and kiss her hair.


Johnson dropped the picnic basket on the ground. ‘No’. He thought.  ‘I must be hallucinating’, but then in the distance he could see the doctor’s daughter Cassie playing Frisbee with Major Carter and Dr. Jackson. 


Denise Johnson leaned over to pick up the basket.  “Dave.” She said irritably.  “I have breakable stuff in there.”  She looked back at the scene curiously.  “Shouldn’t we go up to say hello to Doctor Fraiser?” she asked, moving forward.


Dave placed his hand on her arm and pulled her back.  “Maybe now is not such a good time.” He grinned, chuckling.  “That is Colonel O’Neill she is with.”


Denise looked at him, “You mean that guy you were telling me about that saves so many lives.  He’s the one that Glen Howard calls ‘the iron colonel’ because he’s so tough in training?” 


“Yeah.” Johnson said, grinning.


“How long have they been together?” Denise asked.


“Well Matt and I suspected that something might have happened.  Both the Colonel and Doc have been in a really good mood for the last couple of months, so maybe that long.”


“Wouldn’t you see it on base?” Denise asked.


“Are you kidding?  You know how proud she is to wear that uniform.  The Doc would never act inappropriately at work.  And neither would he.  He’s career through and though.”  Johnson looked at his wife, kissing her on the nose.  “But I’m glad to see it.  She looks happy.  Happier than I’ve ever seen her.”  Johnson beamed.  “And we were in Bosnia together, so that’s a long time.”


Matthew Hobbs arrived with his fiancé.  Dave and his wife hadn’t even seen them coming.  He was wondering what the two were paying so much attention to.  Hobbs followed their glances, and exclaimed gleefully, “YES!”


Denise looked at him in surprise.


“The Doc deserves someone to make her happy,” Matt said smiling. “Just like you two, and Mandy and I will be!”  He motioned to the woman beside him.


They stared for just a moment longer, then Hobbs said ““Let’s go over to the other side of the lake and give them some privacy.”


They look so happy together,” Denise said, smiling at her husband.  I hope they have the happiness that we have found.”  They picked up their gear, and the four walked away smiling at the love that was evident in Dr. Janet Fraiser’s face.

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