Title:            “Consequences”         


Author:         Peg  


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Category:        Romance Angst                 


Pairings:       Jack/Janet


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Season:         4


Sequel/Series Info:          “Strength and Courage”


CONTENT LEVEL: C          


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Summary:     There are consequences to their actions over the past two weeks, as outlined in SGC vignettes.


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Author’s Notes:    This story takes place the morning after "Realizations". My thanks to Wendy her beta-reading




Dr. Janet Frasier was waiting in the commissary the next morning at 10:00 am.  She saw Colonel Jack O'Neill enter the room, and glanced over with a smile.  He nodded at her, grimly.  His Iron Colonel mask was firmly entrenched.  Her face fell.  The meeting with General Hammond might not have gone as well as they had hoped.


Janet waited nervously for Jack to make it through the line.  O'Neill quickly grabbed his coffee and a piece of pie.  He put two forks in his pocket, and made his way over to Janet's table, seating himself across from her. 


There was almost an audible breath of relief from the entire room. People at other tables began to speak more animatedly.  Janet looked over at her friend Samantha Carter seated with Teal'c and Daniel at their usual table.  Carter was deliberately not looking where Jack and Janet were seated, but the general body-language of the entire SG1 team appeared to show relief that Jack and Janet had patched things up.


Jack closed his eyes and slumped back in his seat.  To most people his face looked expressionless.  His 'Iron Colonel' mask was still in force, but Janet knew him well enough to see past that to how he was really feeling.  What she saw was self-reproach.


"What happened?" Frasier asked, apprehensively.


Jack gestured to the whole room. "That happened." He answered grimly.


Janet glanced around.  She didn't quite understand. "What?" she asked with a puzzled frown on her face.


Jack O'Neill looked down at the table.  He grabbed a spoon, and stirred his coffee as he explained in a low voice.  "Hammond is pretty in tune with the mood on the base.  I guess the repercussions of our 'decision to avoid each other' the past few weeks have been noticed."  Jack grimaced.  He put the spoon down and stared across the table at Janet.  "What we were doing affected the working mood of the base, and not in a good way."  Jack sighed, and averted his eyes back to the table.  "To be honest, the General told me that he had been about to call me in and ream me up one side and down the other because of it. Well, he did THAT anyways.  Rightly so! It wasn't a pretty picture."


Janet leaned forward. "What was his decision?" she asked anxiously, placing one hand on the middle of the table. 


Jack reached for one of the forks and placed it by that hand. He took a mouthful of the pie, and gestured for her to do the same. Jack placed the fork down on the table, and looked at it.


"I've been sent to Washington for a week." he said simply.  "I'll be going along with Carter and Daniel to a technical symposium."  Jack grimaced, and rolled his eyes.  It was obviously not his idea of fun. Jack took a deep breath, and stared at Janet. "We'll be in Washington to brief certain scientific agencies about the 'applications of Naquada'," Jack grumbled. "I think Hammond intended it as a punishment."  He smiled tentatively.  "It will seem like a punishment to me anyways."  Jack voice trailed off.  He chuckled sheepishly


Janet chuckled with him, nervously, and looked down at her coffee.  She took a sip, barely able to frame the next question. "And after?" she asked uncertainly.


Jack looked across at her, intently.  "It's not as bad as it seems." He said quietly.  "General Hammond agrees that the frat regs do not apply in our case. However, because of how crucial we both are to the atmosphere on the base, as was demonstrated over the past two weeks, the General has requested that we think things through before we take it any further. I believe that is why he ordered me to ride shotgun on this 'little jaunt' of Carter's and Daniel's" Jack looked over at Janet, and spoke in a low voice.  "I really think the General wanted to keep us away from one another for a week. He wants to be sure that we are thinking this through."


Janet nodded, and took a sad breath.  "It would appear so." She murmured.  Jack leaned forward slightly.  "There is more." He whispered. "While General Hammond cannot order this, we have been 'requested' to spend time together as only as friends for at least two weeks after I return - before we consider taking things any further."  Jack looked down at the table. "And then to speak to him again."  Jack's fork was gripped so tightly that his knuckles were white.  He dropped the fork onto the table with a clatter. 


Janet stared at him over her coffee cup, as she murmured, "And what does that mean to us?"


Jack looked down into his coffee cup.  When he glanced at Janet a moment later, his face was full of regret.  "It means spending time with each other is okay, but things that might move us on to the next level are not. Kissing," Jack stared at Janet's face with a regretful smile, remembering the kiss last night.  He continued, "Holding hands, physical expressions of love - are all verboten.  And the General has asked us to steer clear of situations where those things might become a temptation." 


Janet took a sip of her coffee.  Her hand was trembling, but her professional mask was in place.  She waited for Jack to continue.


Jack put his cup down, and placed both his hands on the table.  He leaned forward, and spoke intensely.  "General Hammond wants us to be sure that this is what we want, and he wants us to ensure that no matter WHAT happens - we will not allow our interaction to affect the harmony of this base again."


Janet nodded, sadly.  "The General is a wise man." She said quietly.  "I know this can not have been easy for him."


Jack nodded in agreement. "He's a good man, too. He knew how hard it would be on us, but I think he's right.  As much as I know that I want a deeper relationship with you, we need to make certain that it really is what we both want."  Jack looked around the room at all the people who depended on them to do their job, and said "And we need to be sure that what we do doesn't affect how this base does its job."


Janet looked over at him.  For the first time, she took a mouthful of pie. "Yeah." She agreed.  "This job is too important." She reflected thoughtfully before she said "And I want to be careful not to give Cassie false hopes. Cassie likes you a lot, Jack. I don't want her to get to be thinking we're going to be together when it is only going to be friendship."  Janet placed her fork down and stared at Jack seriously.  "But friendship will be there, Jack.  Even if this goes south we have to work at staying friends. Promise?"


They stared at each other over their pie for another moment.  Jack nodded, seriously.  "Promise!" he whispered harshly.


Janet smiled, a laugh bubbling up in her heart, and lighting her face with joy.  "Really, it isn't anything different than we talked about last night - about taking things slow. And Hammond is right about needing to be sure that our actions won't affect others.  I think we can do it." Janet smiled.


Janet Frasier and Jack O'Neill both knew that this was a wise course of action. For the first time since he walked through the door Jack gave Janet a real smile.  "I get back a week from tomorrow." He said, with a carefree grin "Would you like to go for a hike up to Patterson's peak with me the next day --- as friends." 


Janet smiled.  "I like hiking." She said.  "I'll pack a picnic lunch, and we'll make a day of it. As friends. Shall we invite your team to make sure it stays as friends?"


Jack nodded.  "We can see if anyone would like to come.  And if it's a team thing, we'll invite Cassie, too."  Jack smiled, and stood up. "This can work, Jan." He said grinning.  Then he held out his hand in shaking position.  "Friends for life? he asked, the warmth is his smile lighting his face.  Janet stood up and grasped his hand with a grin. "Friends For life."  She agreed emphatically. 


Jack motioned with his head towards SG1.  She nodded and grabbed her coffee and utensils, and they walked over to the table to join Sam, Daniel and Teal'c.  They knew that they would work this out.

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