Title:            “SGC Vignettes”         


Author:         Peg  


Email:           kempp@telus.net


Status:         Complete – Part of Series                     


Category:      Angst                   


Pairings:       Jack/Janet Friendship developing into relationship


Spoilers:        none                       


Season:         4


Sequel/Series Info:          “Strength and Courage”


CONTENT LEVEL: C             


Content Warnings:       none    


Summary:           The SGC deals with Jack and Janet’s decision to avoid each other. 


Disclaimer:        Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions  This story has been written for entertainment purposes only and no money whatsoever has exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended.  All original characters are my own - yada yada yada - In other words - I don't own these guys. I never will....I just like to play with them now and then.


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Author’s Notes:     My thanks to Wendy for her beta-reading and help




Cassie Fraiser was miserable.  She didn’t know what was going on.  She thought for sure that her Mom and her favorite ‘uncle’ Jack O’Neill must have had a fight.  They were definitely avoiding each other.  For two weeks uncle Jack had missed out on their customary pizza dinners at Luigi’s on Wednesday nights.  He had come to the astronomy meetings, but he had stayed around only long enough to explain how to find that week’s planet of choice.  Then the Colonel packed up quickly and left, stating that he ‘WANTED’ to get some paperwork done.  Cassie had heard horror stories about Colonel Jack and paperwork from her friend, Sam Carter.  She knew that couldn’t be right.  And her Mom was sad.  She wasn’t joking with Cassie the same way as usual.  She was even crying one night in her bedroom when she thought Cassie couldn’t hear.  Something else must be going on.




Dave Johnson and Matthew Hobbs were miserable.  The two corpsmen in the infirmary had been living through hell on wheels.  Nothing was going right in the infirmary.  They had no idea what had gone wrong between Colonel Jack O’Neill and Dr. Janet Fraiser, but it was evident that something bad had occurred.  The doctor that they so admired was miserable, and she was taking it out on them.  Doctor Fraiser was a perfectionist at the best of times, but over the last two weeks she had not been her usual smiling self.  She had been getting her entire staff to do an inventory of rarely used portions of the infirmary, and had been in high form with training, drills, and inspections.  It hadn’t taken Johnson and Hobbs long to figure out that Janet Fraiser was making herself busy to keep from thinking about whatever was going wrong with Colonel O’Neill.  From what they overheard around base, SG1 was about ready to strangle the Colonel, too.  This was bad.  Bad, all round.



Lieutenant Hailey was miserable.  She had made the mistake of not keeping her weapon cleaned properly.  Colonel O’Neill had been a bear in training all week.  When he inspected her weapon she got a half hour lecture on how dangerous it was to have a weapon not work properly in the field, and how the whole SGC was considered ‘in the field’ because they never knew what might come through the gate.  Her discipline had been to clean all four P90’s in her unit.  At least she didn’t have to clean her side-arm.  It HAD been cleaned when the Colonel had decided to inspect weapons, but Defoe’s wasn’t up to snuff.  Defoe was cleaning all four side-arms.  Fortunately the Colonel had stopped short of making them clean the ramp with a toothbrush – but there was always tomorrow.  Hailey winced and shook her head.  She knew the Colonel was tough – but this was way beyond his usual level. 



Sergeant Siler was miserable.  Colonel Jack O’Neill had invaded his domain again.  Sure it had only been a few pressed buttons, and a shorted out fuse – sure it only meant an extra HOUR’S work for him.  The Colonel was on the prowl this week.  He was doing anything he could to keep himself from walking towards the infirmary.  The whole base knew it.   Siler didn’t know what had gone down between the Colonel and Dr. Fraiser, but everyone who ran into either of them could feel the tension.  They were both acting like grizzly bears woken up in the dead of winter.  The whole base seemed on edge because of it. 



 Jack O’Neill was miserable.  He sat slumped at his desk with his head in his hands.  He didn’t know how he had blown it so badly.  He really liked Janet. She was a great friend.  It wasn’t until ‘that night’ that he realized that the feelings he had been trying to keep in check about liking Janet as more than just a friend weren’t going to stay in check. He had to admit it – he had thought about the possibility of a relationship with the beautiful doctor before their conversation in the kitchen.  He had dreamed about kissing her long before this.  Jack had even gone so far as to check out the fraternization regulations.  Dating Dr. Janet Fraiser was outside the bounds of the regs as far as he could see because Janet wasn’t in his direct chain of command.  But now he couldn’t even bring it up.  Janet had made it really clear that she considered their “almost” kiss a sign of weakness.  He had started trying to avoid her, because right now to look at her and know she didn’t feel the same way was torture.  Jack sat there, wrecked beyond belief, wondering how he was going to get through this.



Doctor Janet Fraiser slammed the file cabinet drawers in her office.  She was miserable.  She had blown it so badly.  Janet had a great friendship with Colonel Jack O’Neill, and then she had almost kissed him.  Now she was trying her hardest to keep away from him until she worked out whether or not it was a breach of professional ethics.  Doctors are not supposed to become involved with their patients.  But at the same time she knew that the time that she and the Colonel spent together had always been based on friendship.  Janet Fraiser was scared.   She had hoped that they might work it out – and if they couldn’t take it further, at least stay good friends.  She had really enjoyed the Colonel’s friendship.  She had even dreamed about what might happen if that friendship became something more.  But it was clear that Colonel O’Neill had been avoiding her.  Janet didn’t know what she could do to repair the friendship without scaring Jack off by making him think that she wanted the deeper relationship that he obviously didn’t want. This whole situation was torture.

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