Title:           “Duplicate thoughts” – a Cold Lazarus episode vignette                    


Author:            Peg  


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Category:      POV  episode addition vignette


Pairings:         Jack/Janet   


Spoilers:       Cold Lazarus                       


Season:         one                       


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CONTENT LEVEL: C                 


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Summary:     Jack talks with Janet after the events of Cold Lazarus                    


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Doctor Janet Fraiser paced her office.  She was furious at herself.  She should have sensed that something was wrong during the post-mission physical.  Colonel O’Neill had been too quiet.  He hadn’t made remarks about nasty needles or irritating tests.  Fraiser had heard the nurses mention this with relief, but it hadn’t sunk in.  The duplicate hadn’t even made a sarcastic remark at her when she flashed her penlight in his eyes to check pupil response.


Then she realized what else had bothered her at the time.  The duplicate O’Neill had just sat there – hands in his lap, waiting for the medical all-clear.  It hadn’t been fidgeting.  It hadn’t tried twirling dials on her equipment.  It hadn’t kept up a dialogue with his team.  The duplicate had just sat – still. 


Janet shook her head again.  “She should have KNOWN!”  She picked up a book off the desk and threw it at a chair…hard!  It made a satisfying ‘thunk’ and disturbed a pile of dust – but it didn’t make her feel any better.


Janet winced as she heard someone clear his throat behind her.  “Doc, are you okay?’ Colonel Jack O’Neill asked warily.


Janet looked behind her, shame-faced.  “I’m fine.  I’m just annoyed that I let a duplicate leave the base without catching it.  In hindsight I can see that ‘it’ wasn’t you.  There were so many behavioral differences that I should have caught. It could have been SO bad.”


“It’s okay.”  Jack said.  “It worked out.  And for me, well I got some closure with my ex-wife that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  Enough to know it’s over, although what we had was good for a long time.”


“Yes.” Janet said.  “This time – but what if those entities were in league with the goa’uld?  What would have happened if its priority was to execute someone – say Hammond, or the president?  And I could have stopped it?”


“Doc!” Jack O'Neill said firmly.  “Take it from me!  ‘What if’ is a question better not asked in some military situations.  Sometimes you just have to be glad it didn’t turn out bad, and move on.”


“No, Colonel.” Fraiser said, just as firmly.  “What I have to do is discuss with my team to see what we could have done differently. We need to discuss measures that will prevent a future occurrence.  And I can’t do that until I deal with it myself.  I can’t go in angry at myself for what I see so clearly now.  I have to go in to that meeting with logic and reason.”


“I see that, Doc.”  O’Neill said.  “But next time will be different again.  Things are different on every planet - there are different dangers on every planet.  Energy being photo-copiers – I mean what person in their right mind would think up something like that.  I’ve never even seen it on a sci-fi show!”


Janet’s face lit mischievously, “Well, there was that one episode of ‘Star Trek TNG’ where Picard was photo-copied and replaced.” She grinned.  “So what you’re suggesting is that I should watch science fiction shows and prepare for what might happen if there one of the situations there came to pass here.  Scary thought, Colonel.”


“Isn’t it?” O’Neill said seriously.  “But not all that out of place. I just may think about it myself.”  Janet saw the focus come into his face for a second as he filed away the idea for future reference.  Then he turned back to the doctor and asked.  “Anyways, getting out of here would be good.  Join the kids and me for coffee in the commissary, Doc?” 


Janet nodded.  She wasn’t doing any good here, and the Colonel had given her something to think about.  She followed him out the door.


As they exited the infirmary Corpsman Dave Johnson smiled as he heard O’Neill say.  “I wanted to thank you for getting me out of that holding cell.  They wouldn’t even give me something to do in there.  The least they could have done was give me a yo-yo.


“I don’t think so, Colonel.” Janet chuckled.  “You were so mad that the SFs didn’t dare.  They know that the real Colonel O’Neill could figure out 6 ways to kill a man with a yo-yo.”


Johnson heard the Colonel say “More like 10” before the two voices faded away.