Title:            “The Eyes have It         


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Summary:           It’s amazing what conversations can take place in silence when on warrior looks into the eyes of another.


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Jack O’Neill looked into the eyes of the huge black wall of man in front of him.  His size was intimidating, the gold tattoo engraved on his forehead, disconcerting.  But it was the eyes that caught his attention, bringing him a memory of another time and place.


*****Iraq 1991

O’Neill had met with a Colonel in the Iraqi forces just outside of Baghdad.  Colonel Ahmed had appeared a man on honour and integrity.  He was struggling with the edicts of his government.  Ahmed was not Kurdish, nor was he disloyal to his people.  But he had seen much evil done in the name of a few corrupt leaders.  He had done evil for those same people.  Ahmed longed for his people to live under a just government made up of those who served the people rather than served their own interests.  All of that showed in his eyes. *****


In the eyes of this man he saw the same desires.  He saw Teal’c’s desire for independence – for honour for his people – the desire to be free, not to be under the control of an evil and uncaring false god – He saw the same things he had in the eyes of Ahmed had back in 1991.  Ahmed’s choice had been to die for those leaders.  Jack had offered a way out, but Ahmed would not trust the promise he made, one warrior to another. 


“I can help these people!” O’Neill avowed, passion in his eyes.  The sincerity in his voice rocked Teal’c.  He looked O’Neill in the eye.  What he saw there astounded him even more.  These were not the last desperate words of a man who saw his own death flash before his eyes.  These were the eyes of a hero – one who would do it, or die trying. ‘These eyes. This man – he could believe in and fight beside.’


“Many have said that.” Teal’c declared, watching the Tauri warrior’s eyes flicker, weighing options and making plans.  Teal’c could tell that even with death almost virtually guaranteed, O’Neill would do his best to help these people.  He would fight to his last breath.  Teal’c knew that this man would die as a warrior.


“But you are the first I believe could do it!” Teal’c said, as he swung into action.  A grim satisfaction fell over him.  The choice had been made, and if he died, he would die free.