Title:            “Brief Candle – Vignette”         


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Summary  Janet wonders how to help Jack during brief candle


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Author’s Notes:     My thanks to Wendy for beta-reading


Janet Fraiser looked at the supplies she was packing.  It seemed so meaningless.  She had been asked to put together a parcel of medical supplies for Colonel O’Neill on the Argosian planet.  But if their theories were correct the Colonel would not be alive long enough to use any of the supplies they were sending.


‘Unless.’  Janet had a thought.  She walked over to her desk and got out the little ‘survival kit’ she kept there for her nurse’s ‘survival’- just in case Colonel Jack O’Neill was stuck in the infirmary and driving people crazy.  She brought out a hand held computer game with hockey on it, a glow in the dark yo-yo, and a package of bubble gum.  She emptied out one of the boxes of bandages, and threw that stuff in along with two Hershey’s chocolate bars from her private stash.  Then she wrote in big letters ‘OPEN ME FIRST’ and placed it predominantly on the top of the pile.


It was the least she could do.  It was ALL she could do for this situation. Janet Fraiser sighed as she uttered a silent prayer – ‘Lord, help me get through this job.’  Too many good people were being lost, and half the time there was nothing she could do to stop it.



A few days later Jack O’Neill stopped by the infirmary as Janet was sitting at her desk, finishing paperwork.  He leaned against the door of her office, and gave her a warm smile.  He was playing with a glow-in-the dark yo-yo.


“Hey, Doc.” The Colonel said amiably.  “I wanted to thank you for the ‘supplies’ you sent to the planet.  They were just what I needed at the time – more than MRE’s or bandages.” He proceeded to show his skill at ‘walking the dog’, and finished “I was going crazy just sitting there with nothing to do but think about my approaching demise.” He shook his head.  “You know me - too well, sometimes.  Scary, Doc.”  O’Neill grinned wryly, and giving her a grateful nod, turned and bounced out the door.


“Janet smiled after him.  “You’re welcome, Colonel.” She murmured, knowing he couldn’t hear her, and made a mental note to restock her ‘Jack O’Neill emergency supply’ for the Colonel’s next extended stay in the infirmary.