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Warning: Author's notes: This honestly is a dream I had. No lie. I wanted so badly to write the rest of the story but I could never make it as good as my dream. Plus if you think about it you can tell that it's all been done before... in other ways... to other people... Nothing new under the sun. Still - It was so good, I wanted to share it. And hey - if you think you can write the rest of it, be my guest, just be sure to send it to me!!!

By the way, this would be set sometime in season 7, only with Jack the way he used to be...

My Dream:

The prison was like so many others. Dank, cold, lit by torches, but, as the Colonel would say, nothing was electrified, and there was a window...

The Jaffa had thrown Sam in with Jack. Daniel was across the narrow space dividing the rows of cells. Teal'c had been in the cell next to them, but they had taken him away hours ago. The Colonel was about to speak when they heard the door up the stairs open.

Teal'c was dragged, unconscious, through the space between the cells. It gave the other members of SG-1 ample time to inventory his injuries. They became grave as they all came to the same conclusion. It was obvious, he had been tortured.

As Teal'c's wrists were locked into the manacles suspended from the ceiling of his cell, Jack moved to his own door. He taunted the Jaffa, "I'm supposed to go first y'know! You idiots have no idea what you're doing! You tell your ... whoever ... I'm next, `kay? Geez!"

Meanwhile Sam was staring through the bars at what she truly feared were her friend's last moments. Teal'c's injuries were extensive. He had been badly beaten, as evidenced by the many deep cuts and swellings on his face and body. Probably a hand device, possibly a pain stick had been used. But most concerning was a horrific wound on his back, low and to the side. It bled freely, running down his thigh and dripping onto the stones below. He did not show any signs of awakening.

Jack reached through the bars towards Daniel, holding out his hand, stretching as far as he could. Without words, Daniel produced a crystal. How he had managed to hide it from the Jaffa was a mystery, but he now handed it across to Jack.

Jack held the crystal up and looked into it. It was shaped somewhat like an upsidedown mushroom. It had a sharp `stem' which he pointed upwards. Jack spoke several words in a language Sam had never heard before and she was sure the Colonel hadn't either, so she was all the more surprised when Daniel spoke.

"Why did you put the numbers at the end?"

Apparently, the Colonel had spoken something to the crystal which Daniel understood, but was puzzled by.

If Sam was surprised by the fact that the Colonel knew this alien language, and even moreso by the fact that he was speaking to a crystal, what happened next shocked her even more.

The Colonel reached carefully through the bars towards Teal'c's limp body. He readjusted a more firm hold on the `head' of the crystal and forcefully jammed the point into the wound on Teal'c's back.

Teal'c grunted. Carter started forward, unsure of how to react to this new turn of events. Daniel was silent, watching.

Sam stopped, fascinated. As she watched, the wounds Teal'c bore began to disappear only to reappear on the Colonel who still held onto the crystal.

Cuts and bruises appeared on the Colonel in exactly the same positions they had occupied on Teal'c a moment before. As the blood began to trickle and bruises bloomed, the only other change in the Colonel was a tightness that appeared around his eyes as the pain must have grown. As for Teal'c he immediately showed signs of awakening. Finally, the Colonel's legs sagged as the awful wound transferred itself from Teal'c's back to his.

Teal'c was now fully awake, but he seemed mesmerised as the Colonel locked eyes with him. They stared at each other, unblinking, for a long moment until, finally, Jack collapsed, unconscious on the floor.

Sam was unsure of how to react. She looked up at her friend now standing, whole and stong on the other side of the bars. "Teal'c?"

The man she questioned stared down at his commander, his friend who now lay bleeding on the floor. He spoke softly, as if to himself, "He took even the memory... I know that it happened, but I cannot remember it happening to me."

Sam knelt at the Colonel's side, doing her best to tend his wounds without so much as a band-aid. What chance did Jack have? Teal'c, even without Junior, was more resilient than any of them, and they had thought these wounds would be the end of him.

Suddenly the room was filled with light. A woman appeared. There were definite similarities to Oma Desala, but this was something different. She was of another race, perhaps, but not an ascended being. As Sam stared up at her she reached through the cloud of light that surrounded her and held out towards Sam a Goa'uld healing device. She seemed confident that Sam would be able to use it.

And that's where I woke up. Never have I wanted to go back to sleep more!

If you can figure this out to a level worthy of SG-1, without altering my dream, then please do so! I only ask that you let me know, so I can read it.

Where did the crystal come from?

How did Jack know what to do with it?

How did Daniel know to give it to him?

What did Jack say to the crystal?

How did he know to say it?

Who was the woman?

How do they get out of this one?

I've tried!! If I ever succeed - you'll be the first to know... well, after my sister...

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