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The Exam - Part 5 of 'An Education'

by Gumnut

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"Uncle Jack?"

The voice drew him from a vagueness that had slipped up upon him unawares. His head ached, his body ached. Yet there was something.....

"Uncle Jack? Please wake up." The voice was sobbing, urgent, there was something.....

Oh, god.

His head came up abruptly and he gasped. His eyesight blurred and rotated as if his brain had been shoved down a kaleidoscope. "Cassie?"

"Uncle Jack!" A hand touched his shoulder and he flinched. "What do you want me to do?"

His eyes finally focused revealing Cassie Fraiser, her school bag still strapped to her back, tears running down her face. "R-Ring General Ham-mond." His voice was little more than a whisper, and the effort left him gasping.

"I have. First thing I did when I saw you were hurt. Sam's coming, they're all coming. They'll be here soon." There was a silence, and he frowned almost knowing the next question. "Where's Mom?" The tremor in her voice illustrated her fears.

He managed to raise a hand and grabbed her arm. "C-Cassie, I want you to leave. Go to a friend's house, somewhere safe, away from here."

"Where's Mom?"

"Cassie, please, hurry, for me, please." He attempted to push her away from him.

She resisted.

"Uncle Jack, you're hurt. Mom has first aid supplies, at least I can help you."

"Cassie, go NOW!" He put everything he had into the strongest command tone he could pull off. She flinched, but stood up and turned to leave.

She was too late.

Someone came up the stairs behind him. And it could only be one person.

"Mom?" Cassie's eyes widened, worry flickering in their depths only to be replaced by utter terror. Jack couldn't see the Goa'uld, but could imagine its appearance, blood coating half its face - a benign face twisted into malevolence. He knew the moment Janet's eyes flashed their parasitic announcement, he could see it reflected in Cassie's.

She turned and ran.

She was too late.

Everything was too late.

A bolt of orange brilliance lit up the hallway as Cassie's body was picked up and thrown the length of it, falling in a crumpled broken heap, its silence a portent of her injury.

"You bastard!" The scream was forced from him, the wave of pain it caused, ignored in his emotional agony. He couldn't let it at Cassie.


It moved, making its way past him. He caught a leg and wrenched. The Goa'uld fell. He desperately grappled with it, attempting to knock it out, subdue it, stall it, prevent it from reaching the girl who called him Uncle.

He failed.

He was just too weak, too disorientated to be effective. Something hard hit his head and the world spun, the parasite slipped from his grasp, and by the time his vision cleared, it was standing over Cassie.

Its posture was stiff, its voice silent. Indecision hovered in the air.

For a moment he could see the internal struggle being fought inside Janet. Her daughter was at her feet, a monster forcing her to cause harm.

It looked back at him, smiling, its eyes solid white in declaration of the parasite's victory.

No. No.

It raised Janet's hand, the metal device sparkling in the sunshine reflected through a window.

God, no.

"Your death may not persuade her, but perhaps her daughter's will."


It ignored him, turning its back in contempt. Orange light threw its form into silhouette.

He struggled to move, to do something to prevent....

The knife.

He still had the knife.

He reached under his useless body, catching the sticky handle in his fingers, and took one last look at his antagonist.

No decision needed. Janet wouldn't hesitate.

It was awkward, but necessity and desperation spurred on what little strength he had left. He raised his arm from the floor, ignoring pain, ignoring everything, and threw the weapon, willing it to reach its target on his faith alone.

The knife embedded itself between shoulder blades, and the Goa'uld spun in surprise, orange light vanishing. It stared at him, momentarily speechless, white flaring and then fading from its eyes.

Two words whispered past her lips, as those eyes hung onto his. "Th-Thank you." And Janet Fraiser dropped like a stone.

Jack let loose the breath he didn't know he had been holding, and it came out as a sob. He dropped his head onto his arm and wished the world away.

It went.


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