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Sleeping with a Stranger

by Gallagater

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Sleeping with a Stranger

Drabble for the theme - 'Jack's Birthday'

Author: Gallagater

E-mail: 7j4him@prodigy.net

Rated: 15+

Warnings: none

Pairing: Jack and Sara

Season: pre-series

Word Count: 100 words

It's after midnight. I should be tired, but I can't sleep. He's restless. Groaning his way through nightmares he won't share. Maybe he can't.

He's home. Shouldn't that be enough? I lie to myself and say it is. But nothing's the same. I don't know my own husband. The ceiling I'm staring at is more familiar. I'm lying next to a stranger.

Dear God, it's supposed to be different. We should be celebrating.

Tomorrow's Jack's birthday. We'll have a costume party. No cake. No surprises. He'll wear a cloak of silence and I'll hide behind a mask that everything's fine.

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