Never Ending Hell
By Mickey

STORY STATUS: Completed 8/9/06

ARCHIVE PERMISSIONS: Ask first. I'll probably say yes.

DISCLAIMER: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Showtime/Viacom MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for fun and I sure as hell didn't get paid for writin' it. No copyright infringement intended.


"What was its name?"

I've already told you. "Kanan." I don't care enough to antagonize him anymore. I ran out of blatant sarcasm a while ago. Why drag it out? What difference does it make?

"Then, you remember his name."

Got a talent for stating the obvious, I see.

"What was his mission?"

"No mission."

Okay, that is a lie. Sort of. I remember now. Her name is Shallan and he came back for her because he has the hots for her. Felt bad for leaving her. Should have thought about that before he used and abandoned her. `Course, it was a personal mission not a Tok'ra high council approved one.

"Was it to steal the slave from me?"

"I don't know."

Again, a lie, but I don't care.

"Did Kanan believe a slave could know my secrets?"

I don't give a rat's ass what Kanan believed.

"There's something else you are hiding from me. I sense it. I feel it."

Of course there is.

"When are you going to end this?" My voice sounds dead, even to my ears.

"If you tell me what I wish to know, I will end this." I think he's moved past aggravated. He actually raised his voice.

If mister card carrying member of the `high and mighty were to good to mingle with you common folks' glowy club doesn't end this real soon. You'll get your wish.

"Daniel." I've always been there when you needed me. Why aren't you here? If you are here, how can you just sit there and watch this?

"Your mind is beginning to fail."

Gee, I wonder why? Maybe it's the whole `torturing then killing then sticking me in your funky box more times than I care to remember' thing? Ya think?

"It's time for the sarcophagus."

Uhhh, that's what causing the whole failing mind thing in the first place. Remember?

"But as you regain the strength to return here, consider this. It will be far worse next time."

Gee, thanks for the warning. I think I'll take a rain check if you don't mind.

"Daniel." It's just a whisper, but I know Baal heard me.

He waits a few minutes then gets up and hits the button.

Guess that's a `no' on the rain check.