Just For Fun
By Mickey

STORY STATUS: Completed 8/3/06

ARCHIVE PERMISSIONS: Ask first. I'll probably say yes.

DISCLAIMER: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Showtime/Viacom MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for fun and I sure as hell didn't get paid for writin' it. No copyright infringement intended.


Another lovely round in the sarcophagus, and I'm `escorted' back to my cell.

I would pace, but I'm to damn tired. Not the `gee I'm really sleepy' kind of tired. The `when is this living hell going to end' bone deep weary kind of tired. All I can do is sit with my back against the wall and let my mind drift. Try not to think about what Baal has done to me, or what he will do. I really don't want to focus on the fact that I'm terrified Daniel won't be back, even though he promised he would. Afraid of what I'll say if he does come back.

Besides, this cell is a bit small for pacing.

I wonder if Baal found another play toy? Not that I complaining, but it's been a while since the blond duo has come to collect me.

Dang! I know I didn't say that out loud. I hear them clomping down the hall and lay on the floor before they can twist the room and drop me on my face.

I surprised when we enter the web room and Mister King-of-the-sadists isn't there.

Slightly Taller Blond Baboon must be reading my mind. "Our master is attending other matters. He has turned you over to us until his return. A reward for our loyalty and service to our god."

This isn't going to be fun either.

Nope, not one bit.

I can tell from the looks on their faces this will be a `just for "fun"' session. There will be no questions asked.

Slightly Shorter Blond Baboon swings his fist suddenly. My reflexes and instincts, for the zillionth time, save my ass and I easily sidestep his swinging fist. I grab his arm, twist hard, and shove him into his buddy. Off balance, they crash to the floor in an undignified heap. Seizing the opportunity, I bolt from the room. Sorry guys, not today. Not if I can help it.

I don't get far. Two more Jaffa round a corner and I come to a skidding halt.

I don't know why Baal's Jaffa, at least the ones at this base, don't wear armour, but it works to my advantage.

I lash out and my foot connects with a brown haired Jaffa's gut with a satisfying thud. He gasps and stumbles into the other guy and I try to take off again.

Unfortunately, the blond duo has recovered. I manage to kick one of them in the gut, but the other one connects a painful kick to my already shaky right knee. It gives and I stumble. The original two each grab an arm and drag me, kicking and thrashing, back into that damn room.

The two I encountered in the hall follow. It's obvious they want in on the actions. The blond duo aren't having it though. I struggle against my captors, but they tighten their grips. The two from the hallway leave reluctantly, and it's just me and the blond baboons again.

One lets me go as the other shoves me. I stumble backwards a few steps and am pulled against the web again. I wince as I slam into it. They laugh loudly.

I got it. I'll go with good old Doctor Seuss. Thing One and Thing Two is what I'll call them now.

Crap! Thing Two has a zat.

I know I said this before but . . . THAT FRIGGING HURTS!

A few minutes later the pain has started to subside but I'm still gasping for breath and my muscles spasm. Slowly, my breathing returns to normal and the spasms stop.

They must have timed how long they have to wait before they can zat someone again without killing them because, sure enough, Thing Two zats me again and I'm really really wishing I could just die. And stay dead.

Another eternity passes and, once again, I'm gasping for breath and my muscles spasm so bad it feels like they're pulling themselves right off my bones.

You know, this is really not as much fun as it looks. Honestly.

Apparently, it is to them.

This time it's Thing One who raises a zat.

I don't know how much more of this I can take. My brain is on fire and my muscles feel like jell-o. Each time it takes longer for my breath to come back and for the spasms to ease.

One of them hits something on the table and I'm dropped, painfully, onto my side. I try to move, but nothing is cooperating right now. Things One and Two walk towards me with menacing glares.

Well, I think they're meant to be menacing. They just don't stack up to their master. Now that guy does menacing very well.

They jerk me to my feet. I wait for the inevitable gloating and the `You will tell us what your god demands!' but it doesn't come.

The fists do. I see them coming and try to raise my arms to defend myself, but they still aren't working. The first fist connects squarely with my cheek.

I've been hit harder, but that still hurt. A lot. Thing Two grabs me as I stumble. He pins my arms behind my back as Thing One continues to pummel me. Fists connect with my face unmercifully until I feel my skin split. Above my left eye, my right cheek and my chin. Several teeth have also come loose. I gag on blood and spit. Three teeth join blood in a small puddle on the ground.

I guess Thing One is tired. He stops punching me. Thing Two releases me and I drop to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Which certainly doesn't help the pounding in my head.

Thing One grabs me by the scruff of my collar and hauls me to my feet. Thing Two takes over the beating. I guess he's decided my face is bloody enough because he starts in on my chest and abdomen. Pounding his fists hard and fast, using my body as a punching bag until it takes all my energy just to take scattered, ragged, painful breaths.

Thing One releases me and I drop to the ground again, grateful it's finally over.

Only it's not.

The feet are flying now.

I must have blacked out. I don't remember anything after the first few feet connected. Now I'm being dragged through a long hallway. Like there's any other kind around here.

I don't need to ask where we're going, even if I could speak.

Come on fellas what d'ya say? Let's just forget the glowing `make `em all better' box for once and you can just drop me in my cell. Or by the Stargate, maybe?


Didn't think so.