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First Person Present

by Gallagater

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First Person Present

Drabble for 'homer'

Author: Gallagater

E-mail: 7j4him@prodigy.net

Rated: 17+

Warning: language

Season: pre-series

Pairing: none

He did it. He freakin' did it!

And the best part is I'm actually seeing it.

A milestone - a damn milestone -

One of the first I've seen rather than read about while sitting in some God-forsaken jungle, or bivouacking in sand drifts up to my ass. Don't get me wrong. Those letters have been my life-blood and I'd slide naked across the ice of the Stanley Cup playoffs to get one.

But this -

The heart-pounding, dry-mouthed, white-knuckled, nauseatingly glorious feeling as the entire crowd watches the ball sail over the back fence.

My kid just hit his first homer.

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