Another Plain of Existence
By Mickey

STORY STATUS: Completed 7/14/06

SPOILERS: Abyss, minor for Meridian


Oh goodie. Tall blond and stupid one and two are back again.

On second thought, maybe that sarcophagus isn't such a good thing. Kinda freaky waking up to a bright white light. Especially since I know there won't be any angels coming for me when I finally kick the bucket permanently.

OK, that's weird. Pretty cool too. Not that I'll tell them that.

Nope, won't be busting that window.

What was that noise?

"Is it you?"

What the . . .? Who is she and how the heck is she sitting like that without falling in here?

I turn my head quickly as I hear another voice.

"Hi Jack."

Not that I'm not thrilled to see him, but how the hell did Daniel get in here? I'm not sure I believe my own eyes and ears. "Daniel?"

"I leave and look at the mess you get yourself into."

Yeah, well, who's idea was it that you leave. Ya know, the whole glowy thing. Besides, I was the one always having to keep you out of trouble, not the other way around. Remember?

I must be delusional. One way to find out. Yup, thought so, went right through him.

He's says I'm imagining things. What does he know?

I pick up my shoe as we talk and can't help my sarcastic remarks.

All right then, if I'm not imagining this he can get my butt out of here.

Can't interfere? Oh please! When has Doctor Daniel-I-must-put-my-two-cents-in-on-everything-Jackson ever not interfered? What makes this time so different?

Somehow, I think Oma would consider this "interfering".

"What good is the power to make the wind blow or toss lightning around if you can't use it to spring an old friend out of jail?" Come on Danny boy; show me what you can do!

Thanks for nothing.

Smooth. Change the subject. No, I don't have a damn clue what I'm doing in Baal's little fun house. I don't really care either. I just want out! How about you Mister Know It All? Tell me why I'm here.

Tell me something I don't know, smart-ass.

"I can't believe I actually let them put a snake in my head. My head! I agreed to this!"

If it had shared anything then I'd know why I was here Daniel. There was definitely not any sharing in this so called symbiotic relationship. I never really did buy that line of bull.

Nope. Well, I have a vague idea. Doesn't help me much though. Figures it would have something to do with a woman. Although, with the normal Tok'ra attitude being what it is, I'm very shocked the snake cared. Couldn't have cared too much since he used her then left her here in the first place.

"Nobody knows you're here."

You've got to be kidding me! That snaky little bastard walked my body out of the Tok'ra base without anyone realizing we were leaving? No wonder they keep getting their butts kicked. Not very bright or observant, are they?

A Fortress you say? How nice.

Repeated torture, death, and revival you say? Well aren't you just the cheerful one today?

"No, I'm not going to let that happen. I won't let him destroy you."

"You said you couldn't help."

Blah, blah, blah . . .

Did he just say, help me ascend? He's got to be kidding.