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by Mickey

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It's November 11th. Veteran's Day. Every year I go to the Vietnam memorial. Not this year. This year I stand in silence before another memorial. A tribute, hidden deep inside Cheyenne mountain, to the men and women who have lost their lives. Veterans of a war few people even know is being fought.

It's beautiful, but it's not enough.

I vehemently resisted Bregman's attempts for an interview at first. After seeing the tape, and with a little nudging from the general, I agreed. Much as I hate to admit it, I was wrong about him. It's a fine tribute. Although I'd like to ring his neck for lying to Doc. I never gave permission for him to have access to my medical records.

My fingers glide over the names. There are way too many here.

Kawalsky, Lt. Elliot, Lt. Astor, Lt. Baker, Major Benton, Captain Blasdale, Hank, Captain Connor, Major Graham, Major Hawkins, Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Ivanov (a good man, even if he was Russian), Colonel Riley, Major Wade.

So many names. Too damn many. I pause before allowing my hand to flow over more names. It stops and my heart leaps into my throat.

Every death hurts, in varying degree's, but none so much as this one. Dr. Janet Frasier. I've never been fond of doctors, but, almost from the beginning something about her told me she was different. That whole going primitive thing just confirmed it. Most doctors would have jumped at the chance to have a willing guinea pig. Not the doc. She felt bad about using me to test her antihistamine theory. Even after I told her she'd done the right thing.

God, I miss her. She'd be bitching a holy fit at me if she were here now. I haven't been released yet. I'm still supposed to be resting. The ache I'm feeling now has nothing to do with the injury I sustained on that fatal mission.

I never really had a hero before. I do know Janet would probably be embarrassed as hell to hear that she is my hero. Not just for what she did for Wells, but for putting up with all my crap over the years. She deserves a medal for that alone. Memories flittered through my mind and I can't help but smile.

Maybe, someday, people will watch Bregman's video. The world will know about the Stargate program, and then these brave people will get the recognition they deserve. Not just Doc and the others who have died, but the ones who still fight today. For all those who will die before this god-forsaken war is over.


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