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by Mickey

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His mind is in chaos.

I know he has scrambled his thoughts intentionally. My presence in his mind appalls him. He only agreed to this out of a sense of duty.

I was not pleased about this either. O'Neill's dislike for my kind is well known.

Initially, I saw it merely as prejudice. I was wrong. He simply places a high value on his privacy.

There is much physical and mental pain. More than I have, or will ever, know. What little I have seen has changed my opinion of him. Not that I have had much time to explore his mind. We relayed my information to the Tok'ra immediately. A few hours later, I brought us to this planet.

I approach the DHD and begin to enter coordinates. I wish I had had the opportunity to get to know him. He is an extraordinary man.

The Chaapa'ai finally opens. Before I can move towards it, I feel a searing pain in my back. I stumble and fall to the ground.

I have failed. I regret that this brave man will suffer for my deeds, but I have no choice now. I cannot be captured.

I am truly sorry O'Neill.


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