Title: I’m Not Broken

Author: Patricia Byrne

Email: TriciaByrne1978@comcast.net

Category: Jack Angst

Status: Complete


Content Warning: none

Season/Sequel info: Season 6

Spoilers: Frozen

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Summary:  Too short for one really.

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Author’s notes: In response to the opening sentence challenge posted by SGCGategirl on January 9, 2004.


This is totally unbetad, typed one-handed… so please, any mistakes… are ALL mine.


Copyright © Patricia M. Byrne January, 2004



Don’t try and fix me, I’m not broken…


It was the sentence he wanted to scream.  To get them to understand. 


He wasn’t broken, he was dying.  Death was a part of life.  Something that everyone was a step closer to every day.


He had gotten used to that over the years.


Gotten used to the loss.


Gotten used to the pain, the sorrow, the total and utter numbness…


But somewhere he’d lost that numbness.  Somewhere along the lines the color had returned to his otherwise black and white existence.


And because of that, all he could do was nod.