TITLE: To Feel Alive

AUTHOR: Pheral

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CATEGORIES: Action/Adventure, Drama,


Content Level: 18+

CONTENT WARNINGS: This contains graphic violence and death, so if you don't like that sort of thing…

SUMMARY: Abstract Jack-in-action Fic.

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DISCLAIMER: Stargate SG-1 and it’s characters are the property of showtime/viacom mgm/ua, double Secret Productions, gekko Productions


AUTHORS NOTE: So short it almost doesn't deserve an intro or disclaimer. This was a lot shorter and more abstract at first, so I worked on it a bit. All as I'm saying is Jack has this in him.


To Feel Alive

Hard army boot impacted with metal, the force sending the Jaffa flying to the dirt. Fist impacted with flesh, compacting tissue and body into spaces it wasn't meant to fit - bruising alien cheekbones. A surge of adrenaline ran through Jack's body as the palm of his hand inflicted deadly damage on his foe's chest, pummelling bone hard into vital organs.

A gasped breath sent waves of oxygen to his muscles as they contracted and expanded, obeying every command as he flexed them outward - sending a curled fist into a Jaffa's pouch.

Electric energy surged through his veins as he whirled his knife, slashing in sure patterns, sweeping round and whipping cuts through fallible enemy skin. Shrieks around him only served to increase his frenzy, his body turning in a dervish of moves.

His eyes widened as his leg muscles pushed upwards suddenly and he shot into the air, flinging a foot outward and revelling in the beautiful feel as leather boot shattered bone jaw. His feet thudded against dirt as he fell to the ground again, letting the impact bring him into a crouch and then sweeping a hand upwards, arm straight and true, the base of his palm meeting with a Jaffa's chin and the momentum pushing it upwards with intense force. He heard the neck snap and carried up with the move, seeing his foe fall back and turning to another. His sturdy arm grasped round an armoured chest and tugged sharply, overbalancing and tipping his attacker, throwing him heavily to the ground. Standing for short breathless seconds over his fallen foe he lifted a leg straight in front of him, pivoted it in the air and let the boot fall on his enemy's body with a grim smile on his face, fire in his eyes.

Hypersensitive ears detected a movement behind him and he whipped round, fists held high as the Jaffa bore down on him. It met with a blurred mass of hands making beautiful shapes in the air, chopping the Jaffa’s skeleton into pieces, damaging his tissues and flesh beyond repair, pummelling his shocked face beyond recognition.

Hot pain burst into Jack’s stomach but only served to increase his urgency, the agony sending his nerves into overdrive and his body into swift action. His body seemed to follow a beat as he thudded out blow after blow, turning as yet another Jaffa took the place of his fallen friend. Jack’s heart hammered relentlessly in his chest, sending rivulets of energy through his veins and he moved endlessly. His jaw clenched in tense control as he brought his knee up and felt it destroy soft stomach, felt it crush symbiote to death. His mouth curled into a fierce smile as he leapt over a fallen Jaffa, barrelling into another with pure anger, throwing it to the ground, crushing it to the dust and sending endless bunches of hard knuckles into it's defenceless face. Red-hot desire for blood drove him on, creating his path to the next enemy, his eyes flashing past his intended goal even as he focused intensely on the guards that bore down on him, unperturbed by their fallen comrades.

He threw himself forwards as he felt the hot rush of staff blast energy brush his shoulder, another flying past his head as he flew into a body, knocking weapons aside and sending his victim stumbling. A barely audible guttural growl rose from his throat as he rounded his prey and encircled it's neck, hastily jerking solidly and feeling the spine give way. Dropping the dead weight he turned to his next target, his arms whirling for balance as he leapt and sent a foot flying into a metal plated chest with terrifying force.

Eyes glancing up he managed to catch Daniel's gaze as the archaeologists stared, mesmerised by the fight. The man's intense concentration spurred Jack on again and his face creased into a mass of emotion as he drew back an arm and then commanded the muscles, sending it ripping forward to connect with the enemy skull, feeling energised by the feel of the bone giving way to his superior force and seeing his victim collapse backward.

He mind was fogged with purpose as he weaved expertly between the Jaffa, carving out a deadly path towards his team. As he neared them and their presence got stronger so his fight increased in fierceness, every new opponent falling to more brutal blows. His frantic patterns were accompanied by panting breaths, harsh in-drawn gulps of air that served to fill his blood with oxygen and his thudding heart sending the hot fluid round his body, heated with action.

The noise seemed to fade away as his vision was encompassed with action and re-action, every inconsequential detail disappearing as the only thing that became important was the Jaffa that stood between him and his team. His hands found a staff weapon and thrust it out into an opponent, shoving him to the side and turning in a mad circle to bring the same weapon down on the unprotected head of a foe behind him. Throwing all his tension and feeling into the movement, he wheeled the staff round and down onto a Jaffa's shoulder, hearing the crack as bone broke under his onslaught. His head almost shook with pure energy as he dispatched the enemy one by one, channelling the fire that ran through his veins into rapid and fatal patterns of attack.

Wild eyes realised that he had reached his goal and his shaking hands fumbled with tightly knotted ropes, untying his team and setting them free by his side. One crazed look around and he was moving again, circling his team and flanking them as they ran into the cover, into the forest and away. His eyes and ears were sharp, cutting out the sound of his own breaths as his feet bashed the ground with his fast pace. He barely registered the panicked air-starved gasps of his team as he ran on, leading them at a relentless speed in his chosen direction.

Not giving up his vigilance for a second they broke suddenly from the forest and burst out onto open plane. His hair whipped back by the air movement as he sprinted onwards, his eyes were alive with determination as he saw the gate looming. They flew on, moving as one team, their focus on the ring of Naquadah as their leader pivoted around their formation, throwing wary glances backwards to their pursuing enemy.

Jack's boots whipped through dry foliage as his legs carried him onwards, almost over-running the gate as he saw Daniel pounce on the DHD, setting its symbols glowing. A fierce red blast of heat heralded their approaching foe and Jack fell to the ground as the staff blast narrowly missed his head. No sooner had he flattened himself to the grass than he sprang up again, his protective instinct giving him the anger and energy to sprint forward, dodging blasts of fire and meeting his Jaffa targets fast and hard. He heard the Stargate explode to life behind him, and a familiar shout grounded him suddenly. His rage died somewhat as he heard Carter’s voice and he turned, almost lazily despatching a Jaffa from behind. He watched his team jump through the gate and his feet pounded the stone steps, sending him flying up behind them.

The rippling blue surface filled his vision as he let a hot-blooded, hungry grin encompass his face. He was alive, he felt like he was on fire, spurred on by harsh, horrible, beautiful violence. He marvelled in the black and white - the enemy that really were bad, the foe that had to be killed, the job that had to be done. No questions, no doubts, no regrets. He knew there would be time for these things later, there would be remorse at the cruelty of death, there always was. But now, in the heat and rage of vengeful battle, he didn't care. It was a dangerous carelessness, but one that lit his face with a glee-filled, beaming smile as he took that final step and flung himself into the event horizon.

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