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Infinite Repercussions

by Lingren

Infinite Repercussions.

by Lingren.

Quantum leaping into various people around the country had distinct disadvantages for Dr. Sam Beckett. One was never knowing where he'd end up the next time he leapt into another body, or in fact never knowing who he would leap into. He was working on a top secret mission with colleague Al, and Ziggy, putting things right before they went wrong. Leaping, as they called it, from person to person to help where they could. To make a difference. Al appeared to Sam as a hologram and could only therefore be seen by Sam, which in itself was occasionally disconcerting to the Doctor.

Sam knew he'd completed his last mission when he was enveloped in a startlingly bright light as he leapt from the body of the young workman and into the body of another young man. He wasn't sure about anything concerning this new person, but he relied on his friend Al to bring him up to date with all the necessary background and information of his newest victim.

The commissary of Stargate Command, deep underground in Cheyenne Mountain, reverberated to the sound of cutlery, crockery, laughter and the many voices of it's customers. Among those currently discussing various events were the SGC's premier team, SG-1. All four members, Colonel Jonathan (Jack) O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and the alien Jaffa Teal'c, were seated at a table not far from the doorway and deep in debate. Jack, CO of the team turned to Daniel, the civilian Archaeologist, come Linguist, come Anthropologist, and anything else he counted among his many talents, and exclaimed with a heavy sarcasm.

"You don't really want me to answer that do you?"

Daniel felt a slight shudder ripple through his body and sat looking blankly at the group around the table. Suddenly forgetting everything that was being said, and getting the feeling he should be saying something, judging by the looks of expectancy on his colleagues faces.


"You do! Well that's too bad Daniel, `cos I'm not even gonna try and explain it."

"Oh......um.....sorry did I miss something?"

"Miss something? Daniel you just missed the whole point!"

"I did?"

"Daniel.....are you okay?" asked Sam worriedly, seeing his slightly dazed look.

"Do you have any idea what we're talking about here?" inquired Jack.

"Ah......No......sorry actually I was thinking of something else."

Jack banged his fists down silently on the table, bent his head forwards and rested it on his hands in frustration.

Daniel looked around the room as if seeing it for the first time. Everything was different. Who was he?.....okay everyone just called him Daniel. But his real name was Dr. Sam Beckett.

He glanced towards the door and saw whom he was seeking, his friend Al. He made a rather lame excuse and stood up from the table.

"Sorry....gotta dash. I'll.....see you guys later!"

All three looked puzzled by his sudden departure.

"Well....that was.....odd! Does anybody else think he's acting just a tad off here, or is it me?" asked Jack confused by his friend's behaviour.

"Probably thinking about the briefing Sir. He's no doubt running through the notes in his head."

"Yeah. If you say so."

Daniel/Beckett stood outside in the empty corridor facing his holographic friend Al.

"Thank god, you're here. I get the impression that this guy Daniel's important somehow. Where the hell am I?"

"You're in Cheyenne Mountain."

"What? With the Military?"

"Yeah....but you're not......military that is. You're a civilian."

"Doing what?"

Ferretti and Andrews turned the corner and watched in disbelief as Daniel stood outside the Commissary apparently talking to himself. Daniel/Beckett noticed the strange looks and walked off quickly, just smiling to the grinning pair.

Ferretti walked through the commissary door and straight over to where Jack was, making a less than polite comment about Daniel's behaviour. Jack sighed and decided he had better find Daniel and get to the bottom of the mystery before Dr. McKenzie, the Airforce's `shrink', could snap him up. He exited the door in time to see Daniel dive into a store cupboard. Now he definitely knew something was not quite right with his friend and made to follow him. He stood outside the door listening as discretely as he could.

"So....who am I?"

"Your name is Dr. Daniel Jackson......."

"I'm Doctor Daniel Jackson!" repeated Daniel/Beckett.

"....yes and you're an Archaeologist, Anthropologist, Linguist, you name it and you have a PhD! Well practically."

"An archaeologist? With the military?.......That's a bit odd isn't it?....."

Jack had heard enough for him to want to find out just what was happening to Daniel. He yanked the door open to find Daniel alone.

"Of course you're Daniel Jackson, Daniel. What the hell are you doing?"

"Oh....um......" Beckett racked his brains, "I saw someone I was trying to avoid!" he tried the vague approach.

"Whom did you wish to avoid?"


"George!" came Al's voice.

"Ah...George!" he mimicked Al, not knowing who George was he hoped this person did.

"George?.......As in General Hammond.....George?"

"No!.....I mean another George."

Jack grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out into the corridor where the other two members of the team were now waiting somewhat amused.

"Come on Daniel. We've got a briefing to attend, and you're not getting out of it that easy." With that they marched off towards the elevator.

Al practically running to keep up with the long legged strides of the others. Being short had it's drawbacks among this group, he thought. He was busily telling Beckett everything he had on the life and work of Daniel Jackson, according to Ziggy.

"You're a member of a team called SG-1. The tall, grey haired guy is your commanding officer, one Colonel Jonathan O'Neill......"

"O'Neill. Right." Beckett muttered, taking in the names of his colleagues.

"What?" asked Jack.

"Eh....oh nothing." Jack was growing exasperated with Daniel. Talking to himself and now muttering his name didn't go down well in his book.

"Daniel.....are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine. Thanks!"

"The blonde bombshell is Captain Samantha Carter, and the other guy is Teal'c?..........holy cow......he's an alien!"

"A what?" exclaimed Beckett a bit too loudly, stopping.

Jack stopped abruptly too and turned to him.

"Excuse me? What? Fer crying out loud Daniel. Just what is it with you today?" Jack exclaimed exasperated.

"Nothing......just thinking out loud Colonel."

Jack was about to walk on again when he realised that Daniel had called him by his rank.

"Ah.....Colonel?.......What's with the sudden use of my rank now?"

"Oh....sorry, I forgot myself.....Jonathan."

Jack stepped forward to continue on his way, but lurched and caught his breath, coughing uncontrollably, until Teal'c thumped him on the back.

"Jack!" he gasped, "It's Jack, remember? I'm Jack, this is Carter, Sam to you, and Teal'c! Okay? Big guy, gold emblem on his head!" he said touching Teal'c's shoulder. "Now can we get to the briefing." Teal'c just raised an eyebrow and Sam giggled. Was there something wrong with Daniel or was he just being facetious and egging the Colonel on, wondered Sam Carter. Sometimes he seemed to take a perverse pleasure in winding their CO up, although she had to admit, he'd never gone this far before.

Al continued to bring Beckett up to date with his new character as they stood in the elevator.

"Hey they're even more top secret than we are!" he exclaimed, "They `gate' to different planets? Huh? It's not April fool's day is it? That can't be right!" he thumped his hand held computer a few times and looked stunned. "Wow! Ziggy says that's right. They go through something called a `Stargate', and explore new worlds."

"That's crazy!" muttered Beckett.

"Excuse me! Daniel, now what? What's crazy?" Asked Jack. The others looking at Daniel for an answer too.

Daniel/Beckett looked sheepishly at the floor and as nonchalantly as possible tried to cover his error in speaking aloud.

"Just thinking about something." They gave him a puzzled glance as the elevator stopped and the doors slid open. Ignoring this comment and shaking his head, Jack walked out followed by his enigmatic team-mate, then Sam and Teal'c.

"They get to meet real aliens and this guy, you, gets to study the culture and translate the lingo." Al continued. "Major General George Hammond is the man in charge, he sends them on missions to gain any technical knowledge, weapons etc., that might help fight the Go....Goa'.....uld, whoever they are. Ziggy says Daniel was married at one time to an alien from Aby....dos? Oh boy! Where do they get these names from? Her name was.....oh boy.....Sha'.......r. She was kidnapped and made into one of these Goa'...uld creatures He's been searching for her ever since. Oh! Wow! Apparently they saved Earth on a number of occasions from the Goa'...uld. Way to go!.........."

Beckett was distracted from listening to Al as once they were seated round the briefing room table, all eyes turned to him expectantly. He sat there puzzled for a few moments until the General prompted him.

"Dr. Jackson? We're all ready. What conclusions have you come to, in the proposals to study PZ7 899."

Daniel/Beckett glanced round the room, then suddenly he realised he was supposed to give a lecture on something. He picked up the notes and quickly scanned them, noticing that the notes dealt with the ancient writings on the walls of a deserted castle. He thanked his stars that he could talk about the ancient language with aplomb because of his Ph.D in Ancient languages too. Clearing his throat he began to tell them about the findings. There were words which Beckett was unfamiliar with, so he hoped he didn't sound too absurd. Words like MALP, UAV, and Goa'uld. When he sat down again, the team seated in the chairs looked at him appreciatively, except Jack. Whatever he had spoken about had obviously made sense to the others, if not to himself, as they went on to confirm that the planet's exploration was to be their next mission in 2 days time. Beckett felt uncomfortable as he sensed, rather than observed Jack still looking at him.

The briefing over with, Beckett stood to go, but Jack laid a hand on his shoulder. He almost flinched at the firmness of the grip, but he saw only concern in the older man's eyes.

"Daniel......you sure you're okay? You seem a little distracted today?"

"Yeah.....I'm okay. Just tired I guess."

"Then go home, forget the work tonight. Get some rest."

"I'll be fine. I just......."

"Daniel! Go get some sleep! That's an order!" his grin belied his gruff disciplined voice. Beckett just nodded.

Beckett had expected Jack to be a hard task master, being a Colonel, but his little acts of friendship and forbearance told of a warmth towards not only himself, but the other members of the team as well. He had met quite a few officers around, and none of them came over as this approachable and congenial, except Al of course.

Daniel/Beckett spent the next two days trying to catch up with the character behind this person, whose life he had temporarily taken over. He discretely pumped Al for any additional information he could bring to the complex personality he'd leapt into. He'd discovered a lot about the problems Daniel had encountered in his life and the contentment he now found, being with people who loved and trusted him for what he was. That he was part of this SG-1 team, and so much so, that they were as one. Beckett experienced Daniel's feelings with the other members of the team, and he was beginning to understand why. He studied his notes hard because he knew that they often relied on Daniel to see them through many dangers with his diplomacy and tact as well as deciphering the strange languages which helped them escape from trouble more times than Beckett thought possible.

The one thing he didn't know yet, was what he was actually meant to do when the time came to it. It was often a last minute indication, to discover his given task for leaping. Al didn't know off hand what to expect either, it could be any number of reasons why Beckett had leapt into the body of Dr. Daniel Jackson.

Beckett couldn't really believe he was actually going to visit another planet. He'd seen the Stargate in action the day before, but still found it incredible that it led to another world. Al wasn't sure that he would be able to help Beckett once he went through the gate, so it was with slight trepidation that he entered the gateroom at 07.55 hours, ready to embark on the journey of his lifetime. He placed his pack on the floor by his feet and stared up as the gate's inner wheel began to glide round, locking the chevrons into place.

Jack observed him silently, watching his face. Fascination was written so clearly as he stared wondrously up at the gate.

"Daniel? You okay?"

"Uh.....Oh yeah.....I'm fine." he recalled himself and hefted his backpack onto his back. Jack helped him.

"Anybody would think you'd never seen the gate in action before now."

"Oh......er.....I never tire of seeing it."

Just then the seventh chevron locked and Daniel took an involuntary step backwards as the wormhole billowed out towards them, before settling within the rings. Jack was surprised by his friend's reaction and he worried about him.

"Daniel.......are you sure about how you feel......you can step down ya know......we can go another day, if you're not up to it......."

"No! I'm fine Jack.....really......I have to go!" Beckett couldn't figure out why he'd said that, but maybe it had to do with why he was there.

"SG-1, you have a go!" the General's voice sounded loud through the control room microphone. "Good luck out there people, and go careful."

Jack, Daniel/Beckett noticed, offered a somewhat nonchalant salute in reply and headed up the ramp.

"Come on Campers....Last one through's a........" his final word cut off as he entered the watery opening to PZ7 899.

Sam smiled and stepped up beside Daniel who was thinking he must be dreaming, because what he was about to do seemed so unreal to him.

"Come on Daniel......let's catch up with the Colonel. Daniel?"

"Yeah....I'm coming." he stepped onto the ramp wondering what it was going to be like. The others seemed to take it in their stride, so perhaps it wouldn't be too bad after all. He watched as Teal'c stepped through, glad that Sam had waited for him. He took a deep breath and stepped through.

It wasn't quite what he'd been expecting. By the time he'd reached the other side he felt disorientated and he tumbled from the gate, landing in an undignified heap at the foot of the steps. He was frozen stiff, and fought hard to keep his breakfast from reappearing. He sneezed a few times. When he managed to open his eyes on this new world, he was overawed by the sight before him. To his left, open green fields led onto rolling hills, to his right was a vast forest stretching for who knew how many miles. The blazing sun shone in a cloudless blue sky. A paradise, he thought. If he didn't know any better he'd say he hadn't left home at all, if it wasn't for the fact he could see two more planets in such close proximity. He pulled himself together as the conversation around him finally drifted through to his astonished mind.

"I think it would be reasonably safe to split up. Carter why don't you and Teal'c go on to the area where those Naquada deposits are supposed to be, and I'll keep an eye on Daniel. I get the feeling that he's not really firing on all cylinders today, and I won't be able to relax unless I can see what he's doing with all those rocks and things he's so keen to play with. Report in every hour and we'll meet back here in 36. See you later kids, have fun! I know I will....not!" He rolled his eyes upwards and sighed.

"Yes Sir!" Sam smiled at her CO, and she and Teal'c walked off to the north to find the expected Naquada deposits.

"Daniel! You going to sit there all day or are we off to the Emerald city?"

"Huh? Emerald City? I thought it was a castle we were investigating?"

Jack sighed and shook his head, Daniel was definitely going to have a holiday when they got back.

"As in the Wizard of Oz!......Never mind! Just get moving huh!"

Daniel/Beckett stood up and brushed the dust from his pants and followed Jack towards the forest.

"Why did I say I'd be the one to keep you company......trees and even more trees....." he muttered to himself as they entered the forest and it was as if they'd stepped into another world. Gone was the warmth of the sunshine, only to be replaced by the oppressive heat of a steamy rainforest, except it wasn't raining at the moment. They walked for miles in near silence as the going was tough. The trail was littered with rotting tree trunks and other dead or dying flora. There were small animals scurrying about, but none bothered the explorers as they pushed further into the massive forest. There seemed no end to the trees and no sign of the reported castle that was supposed to be hidden there.

Jack led the way through the steaming forest, stepping carefully over trailing lianas, rocks and rotting tree trunks, pushing the undergrowth away and keeping an eye out for any potentially dangerous wildlife on the prowl. They rested on a fallen tree and ate energy bars, swallowing great gulps of water to counteract the effects of dehydration. After many miles and much swearing on Jack's part, they came to a slightly less dense patch of trees and Daniel/Beckett spied the tall turret of the castle, which the UAV had spotted nestling among the thick vegetation.

"I can see the turret now, we must be quite close." Daniel/Beckett exclaimed. Jack vaulting over a stout tree trunk, which was suspended above the forest floor by a jumble of broken branches beneath it, looked up and saw what Daniel had pointed to.

"Great. It's......Aaarggghh!....God!.....Get it off Daniel!...For God's sake get it off me!" He muttered various oaths and curses under his breath whilst trying not to make any unnecessary moves, causing more pain to radiate throughout his leg, than the agony he was already in. As he landed, his leg was caught in a trap, the rusty jaws of which had snapped shut with such a devastating force, it broke both of the bones in his lower leg and pierced his flesh and muscles, about half way between his ankle and his knee, pinning him where he stood, leaning back on the fallen tree he'd just leapt over, and fighting to keep his senses from shutting down.

Daniel rushed to his side and stared at the horrific sight which met his eyes.

"Oh God Jack!......" He snapped from his shock and set about freeing his friend from the jagged jaws of the man trap, obviously set some time ago, but later than when the castle was in use, judging by the amount of rust covering it, though not enough to corrode it through. He couldn't see how far the jaws had entered Jack's leg as there was so much blood pouring from the wounds and soaking the bottom half of Jack's pants, colouring them to a bright crimson. He knew they had to be in pretty deep and that the artery was severed. Blood which made the trap slick in his fingers and which made the task of removing it even more hazardous, one slip and Daniel/Beckett could injure himself as well as causing more damage to an already fading Jack. He pulled hard on the sides to open it enough to release Jack from it's grip, tearing away more flesh as it's teeth retracted from his leg, making Jack yell louder in agony. His tentative hold on consciousness fading.

"Don't you pass out yet Jack! Stay with me! Hold on just a bit longer. Nearly there. Jack!.....I need you to pull your leg free when I say so.....just a bit more.....ready... NOW!" He held the trap as steady as he could, and a trembling, screaming, Jack pulled his injured limb free of the trap and promptly collapsed in a quivering heap nearby, holding his leg just below the knee. Daniel let go quickly and the contraption snapped shut again with a terrifying fierceness. He quickly turned his attention to Jack who was rolling from side to side holding onto his damaged leg . Daniel set about stemming the copious bleeding, facing a mass of damaged flesh intermingled with torn BDU's and broken bones. He applied a tourniquet to stop the artery from draining Jack's life fluid from him, but knowing he would have to release it every so often to keep his foot from starving of oxygenated blood.

Jack was too quiet now, the swearing and cursing had stopped and Daniel/Beckett noticed his eyes were now glazed over. He was very pale and Daniel could see beads of sweat over his face and knew that shock was setting in. He emptied his backpack on the ground and sorted through his medical supplies. Wrapping as many temporary dressings as he could around the wound, he then smothered Jack in the blankets and his sleeping bag to keep him warm. He discovered some morphine and injected it into Jack's thigh, knowing that it would help him deal with the pain he would have to suffer as he tried to set the bones and splint them.

Jack knew he was drifting in and out of consciousness. He felt numb, strangely at peace even knowing what had happened. He could see Daniel working on his leg, but he felt nothing, just warm and `floaty', which he knew were just the effects of the drug. He was surprised to see Daniel methodically and intelligently setting his leg and splinting it. It felt comfortable. He vaguely wondered where Daniel had acquired such a knowledge, without his knowing about it. Yet another string to the young man's bow, he thought sleepily, before he gave in to the overpowering pull of darkness again.

Beckett knew now that this was why he was there, inside Daniel. The real Daniel lacked the necessary skills to save his friend's leg. Being a medical Doctor, he had the necessary knowledge, and soon he had slowed the bleeding and strapped the leg against the other one professionally to keep it immobile. All he had to do now was get him back to the Stargate. He tried the radio, but couldn't get any answer. He had no idea why not, but he knew he was on his own now. Taking just one of the backpacks, he filled it with medical supplies and food and water, and abandoned the rest of the gear, knowing he wouldn't be able to carry too much extra weight, as well as Jack. Checking Jack's eye responses and feeling his pulse and temperature was steady, he was ready. Pulling Jack up carefully, he hefted him over his shoulder, staggering slightly under his burden, Jack was not small by a long shot, well built and muscular, it was going to be a long trek. He straightened up and began his long journey back to civilisation.

Trying not to hurt Jack any further, Daniel/Beckett laid his comatose friend down as gently as he could onto the ground and flopped down wearily beside him, to get his breath back. He held up the canteen of water and took a long swig, rinsing a little over his face to cool himself off. He poured some onto a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from Jack's face before trying to get him to take some of the moisture into his mouth. It would be so easy to dehydrate in these hot humid conditions, and that, he thought , was no good to either of them. He checked the bandages on Jack's leg and released the tourniquet to let the blood flow through to his foot. Checking the bandages he noticed the first signs of infection radiating away from the puncture wounds when he cleaned then again. He delved into the med pack and found some anti-biotic tablets. Gently patting Jack around the face, brought him back to consciousness and made him swallow the pills down with some water.

"How's the pain Jack?"

"Peachy Daniel!....What did you expect?"

"Jack I really need to know how bad it is?"

Jack looked at the genuine concern behind his friend's face and became serious for once.

"Hurts like hell!"

"It's been some time now so I can give you some more morphine. Okay?"

"Save it, I can live with it for now. Where are we?"

"About 5 miles from where we were.....where it happened."

"How?.....God Daniel.....you can't carry me all that way.......You'll kill yourself, we've got another 14 or 15 miles to go yet. Where's Carter and Teal'c?"

Even though Jack was weak and feverish, Daniel/Beckett knew he was still in command of his faculties, doing his job. Beckett's estimation of this intrepid man grew another notch as he watched him struggle to stay awake, fighting to conquer the pain, but still it didn't stop him fretting about the rest of his team.

"I couldn't reach them on the radio. I'll have another try in a minute." Daniel/Beckett rested his head back against the tree he was sat propped against next to Jack. Jack knew that Daniel must have been so tired, and felt guilty at being such a burden to him.

"Daniel when you've rested a while, I want you to get back to the gate and dial the SGC for some help. Leave me, I'll be fine. Just leave me some water and I promise I won't move from here." he tried to make Daniel smile with his comment, but Daniel just rounded on him.

"No Jack....that's one thing that's not going to happen. I'm not leaving you behind. You need urgent medical attention, both of those bones are broken, probably shattered, you lost a lot of blood because the artery has been severed, the wound is already infected badly, and you now have a fever, the only way is for me to get you out of here and quickly......or there's a distinct possibility that you'll lose that leg, or worse. We're both going.....You're coming with me!" he meant every word. Jack was a bit taken aback at the ferocity and terrifying bluntness of his words.

"Ah come on Daniel.....it's not that bad." Although he knew deep down it was.

"Believe me, when I say it is Jack. I know!" Jack studied the face before him, where earlier today, and for the past few days, he'd seen only confusion and self doubt in those blue eyes, now he saw a startlingly clear, purposeful honesty, and worry behind them.

"Okay.....you win. I just don't want you to `damage' yourself, because of me.......I could order you to go!"

"It wouldn't make any difference Jack. I could easily put you to sleep and then I'd take you anyway. I've got to get you back, even if I end up crawling." Jack knew he meant it too and acquiesced quietly.



"Thanks!" Jack smiled seriously, no sarcasm was present.

"You're welcome Jack!" He smiled back for the first time since the accident happened.

Within minutes Jack had allowed himself to drift off again and Daniel once again tried to contact his team-mates, but to no avail. Sighing to himself, he hefted an inert Jack once more onto his shoulders and set off towards help.

After another hour or so hacking through the forest, Daniel/Beckett heard Jack moan and placed him back on the ground again. He could see beads of sweat rolling down Jack's face as he fought the infection. He felt his forehead with the back of his hand and knew it was too hot just to be the effects of the steamy forest. He poured a little more water on the cloth and placed it over his fevered brow for a few moments to bring some relief. He released the band again and watched it closely, and after a few minutes, tightened it once more.

This time when he picked up the radio, he heard a response.

"Sam, Teal'c....come in please!"

"What is it Daniel?" Sam asked knowing that something must be wrong by the tone of his voice, together with the fact that it was Daniel on the radio and not the Colonel.

"Jack's hurt his leg pretty bad and he's lost a lot of blood. He's gone into shock, and it's infected already. We need to get him back to the SGC real soon."

"Oh God.....Daniel where are you?"

"We're still about 12 miles from the gate. It's dense forest here, very hot and steamy. Jack's already got a fever and it's getting worse."

"Okay Daniel we're on our way. Leave the radio on, so we can get a lock on your signal. What happened to the Colonel?"

"He stepped on a very rusty man trap, hidden in the undergrowth. It damn near took his lower leg off. It broke both bones in his leg and pierced the flesh and muscles almost through, damaging the artery. If we don't get him back soon, he may lose his leg."

Sam blanched at the thought of what might happen. She tried to reassure Daniel that they would be with him soon, but they were still a good number of hours away from him , and then they still had to get back to the Stargate.

"Daniel.....have you managed to stop the bleeding?"

"Yeah.....I've done everything I possibly can, I've just given him some more morphine, so he's unconscious right now."

"Roger that. See you in......say....4 hours."

Daniel put the radio away and taking another long drink he picked up the gear and heaved Jack's senseless body up and began the long arduous journey again. His shoulders ached mercilessly, but he knew he had to keep going. There was no question in his mind to stop, so he pressed himself onwards.

As they had to pass the Stargate in order to reach Daniel and the Colonel, Sam decided that the best plan of action would be to dial the SGC and get a medical team out there with them. She believed that her CO would stand a better chance if he got some treatment before they set out for home.

Sam ran the last 100 yards or so to the DHD and pressed the symbols for Earth. As soon as the wormhole had established she sent through the iris code, and was rewarded with an acknowledgement.

"SGC this is SG-1. This is Captain Carter. We have a medical emergency and request the presence of a medical team urgently."

"Captain Carter......this is General Hammond. What happened out there?"

"Sir....Colonel O'Neill stepped on a man trap, and according to Daniel, it's nearly severed his lower leg. He's lost a lot of blood, Daniel has managed to stop the bleeding, but the infection has already set in. He has a rising fever and is unconscious. We have yet to locate them in the forest. They're still some miles from the gate."

"Understood Captain. The medical team will be with you shortly. Stand by. I'm shutting the gate down now."

"Yes Sir. Standing by."

The gate closed down and Sam radioed Daniel. It was a few minutes before he answered and when he did, he sounded exhausted.

General Hammond was reeling from this new information, relayed to him by Captain Carter. He yelled for the technician to get Dr. Frasier and her team together for an off world emergency. After a few minutes Janet ran into the control room and stood before her CO.

"Sir! Ready for your orders."

"It seems that Colonel O'Neill had an accident on PZ7 899 and he needs urgent medical treatment. I want you to see what you can do, at least enough to get him back here ASAP."

"Yes Sir! Do we know what happened Sir?"

"He stepped on a man trap. Dr. Jackson said it's nearly severed the leg and he's lost a lot of blood. I needn't tell you how bad that would be."

"Oh my God! We'll be ready in 10 minutes Sir, I'll need to get some supplies of his blood and fluids." She swallowed the lump in her throat at the thought of Jack losing his leg. She couldn't see him coping with such a handicap, he was always so active. She disappeared quickly barking out orders to her staff, whilst she changed into her fatigues. True to her word she and her team stood in the gate room fully kitted out within 10 minutes.

The General ordered the dialling to begin and they stood together in silence as they watched the gate swing into action. Janet waited for the okay from the General before leading her team into the shimmering liquid flux.

"Daniel.....you okay?" Asked Sam concerned .

"Yeah....just a bit tired."

"How's the Colonel?"

"About the same. Where are you now?"

"We're at the gate. General Hammond is sending a medical team through. We're just waiting for them, then we'll be with you as quick as we can."

"That's good. I could do with a little help here, and Jack definitely does."

The Stargate swung into action and Sam signed off with Daniel, telling him it wouldn't be too long now. She wondered who the General would send, and was pleased to see Dr. Janet Frasier step through with her team.

"God Janet.....thank goodness."

"Where's the emergency?.....The General didn't have much time to fill me in, only the briefest details. Just that Colonel O'Neill met with an accident and he'd lost a lot of blood."

"We have yet to reach them. They're about 8 miles from here in the forest. Daniel's carried him for at least 10 or 11 miles already."

"He's carried him that far? He'll be shattered by now."

They set out hurrying towards the forest and Sam filled in Janet with as many details as she knew. Janet was glad she'd brought a supply of matching blood and IV equipment.

Daniel/Beckett knew he was beaten. He practically fell down next to Jack and gasped deep breaths of air to compensate for the effort it had cost him to carry his friend this far. He could barely keep awake himself, and longed to be able to close his eyes, and rest his aching limbs. His shoulder throbbed and his calf muscles protested with cramp. He realised he had hardly stopped for enough time to even eat. He checked up on Jack, noting his fever had worsened and his pulse was growing weaker. Never before had Beckett felt he'd failed in his mission. He felt sure he was supposed to get Jack back to the SGC for help. He hadn't leapt yet, but that could be because he was literally thousands of light years away from home. Either way, he knew he had to get back at some stage, with or without this man whom he had grown to admire even in such a short time.

Once he had got his breath back, he picked up his radio to contact Sam.

"Sam come in please."

"Daniel! We're not far now. Janet's with me."

"That's great! I don't think I can go much farther."

"Stay there, we won't be long. According to the signal on my radio, we're practically on top of you. How's the Colonel?"

"Worse, High fever, weak pulse."

Janet looked at Sam and bit her lip. She knew they didn't have much time.

Daniel fought to stay with it. He was so tired.

"Hurry Sam." was all he got out before his eyes closed and he drifted off.

"Daniel!......Daniel?" she called, but knew he'd passed out from exhaustion. "We are so close now....."

Sam was interrupted by a shout from Teal'c who was scouting a few yards ahead.

"Captain Carter.....they are there!" he pointed to a large tree with two prone figures underneath it.

They were running now, running to get to their friends, regardless of the scratches and scrapes they received from the undergrowth as they battled their way past. Their only thought was for their friends. Janet quickly assessed Daniel.

"He's okay, just exhausted, let him sleep for now, while I see to the Colonel."

She turned her full attention to Jack and set about getting him stabilised with fresh blood and drips. Injecting a strong anti-biotic into his muscle, to fight the infection. She was rather surprised and pleased at Daniel's handiwork at cleaning and dressing the Colonel's leg wound. Noting the tourniquet, it looked almost as if a professional had attended to it. Then the neat way his leg was splinted and the bones' alignment looked good too. She soon had him on the stretcher and the fluids on portable IV poles attached to it. They were ready to leave. Teal'c volunteered to carry Daniel, and Sam was more than sure he could manage that. The party set off for the Stargate and finally the SGC.....Home.

"Incoming wormhole. Unauthorised Gate activation." echoed round the walls of the SGC, making General Hammond hurry to the control room.

"Do we have any IDC yet?"

"Yes Sir.....it's SG-1."

"Open the Iris."

He made his way down the steps and into the gateroom in time to see Teal'c walk through the event horizon with Daniel slung across his shoulders.

"Teal'c......I thought it was Colonel O'Neill.........." before he had time to finish his question his attention was claimed by the medical team carrying Jack on a stretcher, closely followed by Sam and Janet, as they emerged from the gate.

The gate shut down with a snap, and Sam watched from the ramp as her CO and Daniel were whisked away to the infirmary.

"Captain Carter.....I thought only Colonel O'Neill was injured?"

"He was Sir. Daniel carried him for at least 14 miles through dense forest, before he collapsed from exhaustion. Luckily we were near to his location by then, we found them both unconscious."

"Thank you Captain. Go and get cleaned up and get along to the infirmary for your post mission check. We'll debrief in the morning at 08.00 hours."

"Yes Sir." she saluted and made her way out into the corridor, heading for the showers.

Daniel/Beckett stirred in his sleep and Al was right beside him again.

"You've done it Sam. O'Neill recovers and goes on to save Daniel Jackson's sanity when he becomes addicted to the effects of the Sarcophagus. Whatever that means. That in turn means he'll be around to help O'Neill again when his brain becomes a computer and gets overloaded. Wow.....I wonder what all that means. Say these two guys really depend on each other don't they."

"Al.....you sure? Then why am I still here?" he muttered incoherently.

"I don't know, but you should leap soon. You're back on Earth now."

"Why haven't I leapt yet?" Just then a brilliant white light appears and Sam Beckett no longer inhabits Daniel Jackson's body, but has travelled on to another soul, to help them through their crisis. Daniel Jackson is back again.

"Daniel? It's okay you're back at the SGC. In the infirmary."

Daniel sat bolt upright and immediately regretted it. His shoulder felt like a ton of bricks had landed on it. He hurt everywhere.

"What the.....How did I end up here.......Oh God," he groaned, "What have I done this time? All I remember is this really wacky, wacky dream."

"What did you mean `Why haven't I leapt yet'?"

"Did I say that?"

"Yes, just now, you muttered about still being here."

"I don't remember saying that. Oh God........Why do I hurt so much?"

"You carried the Colonel at least 14 miles Daniel, it's no wonder you're sore. Take it easy."

"Carried Jack.....what's wrong with him?" he looked around the room for him, but couldn't see him. "Where's Jack?"

"Janet's operating on him right now......"

"Operating? What happened?"

"Don't you remember?"

"No......the last thing I remember is eating in the commissary talking with you guys. Then I had this really wild dream about someone, and being in another body. God! it was weird."

"Daniel, that was four days ago! We gated to PZ7 899 the day before yesterday at 08.00. You and the Colonel went into the forest to look for the castle and Teal'c and I looked for the Naquada deposits. The Colonel stepped onto a man-trap and it broke both his bones and almost severed his leg off, and you're telling me you don't remember it."

"Oh God.....Jack. No I don't. Just this stupid dream. Is it one of those damn Goa'uld mind control episodes again? or maybe this is the dream."

"Daniel.....What are you talking about?"

"God I don't know......I'm so tired..." he yawned and fell gratefully back onto the pillows and closed his eyes again, instantly drifting off to sleep.

Sam was left dumbfounded, as she couldn't believe Daniel couldn't remember a thing about the last three days. She knew he had been just a little forgetful before the mission, but not this bad.

Janet reappeared and approached Sam, Teal'c and the General who had walked in only a moment before.

"What's the verdict Dr. Frasier? How is he?"

"Well the good news is that he's going to be okay. I just don't know how his leg is going to heal just yet, but I think he has a good chance of making a full recovery, thanks to Dr. Jackson's first aid."

"Daniel's first aid?" asked a bewildered Sam.

"Yes he did exactly the right things. He stopped the bleeding, by using a tourniquet in the correct manner. He kept the wound clean, and changed the dressings when they needed it. He set the bones correctly, luckily there were no complications there, just clean breaks. It's the damage to the muscles, I'm concerned with. There was nothing Daniel could have done there, but he managed to get him near enough to us without any help before he collapsed. His quick thinking and actions have saved the Colonel from losing that part of his leg. We are pumping anti-biotics into him to combat the fever and infection, but I don't think he'll be with it for a few days yet. As it is, it's going to take months of physical therapy to get that leg back to normal again."

"I can't believe Daniel knew how to do all that stuff. He's always left that to me. Where did he learn about the tourniquet, and how to set the Colonel's leg and splint it?"

"I don't know where he picked up the knowledge, but it was almost like a professional doctor had done it. I would have done exactly the same for Colonel O'Neill if I was in the same position. I do know that without knowing what he was doing, it could have made things much worse. He did a wonderful job of saving the Colonel's leg."

General Hammond looked across at the sleeping figure of Daniel and breathed a sigh of relief. His original assessment of Daniel's inclusion into the team had been doubtful at first. Now though he was proving his worth more and more, getting his number one team's butt out of the fire on more than one occasion. Despite all the arguments, put forward from the powers that be, about an Archaeologist being on the team, he was glad he stuck to his guns about him being there. He knew Colonel O'Neill would be grateful.

"Let me know of any changes Doctor. Take good care of them."

"Yes Sir!" The General turned and quickly walked from the room, leaving the others to wonder about Daniel's sudden medical skills.

Jack felt strangely alone in his befuddled world. Pain had been his constant companion, but it had gone now, there was nothing, just darkness. He tried dragging himself up from it's depths, but failed to get anywhere, until now. He could see a light above him, it grew in size and intensity. There were voices now, the closer he grew to the light, the louder the voices, then it dawned on him. He was in the infirmary and it was the pull of the drugs which had kept him from reaching the light before. Now he was consciously waking, he'd made it to the surface.

Janet looked down, smiling , as the Colonel's eyelids flickered and finally opened. He blinked a few times taking in the brightness around him.

"Colonel! Good to see you've joined us at last." Janet helped him to sip some water and let his head down onto the pillows again.

"Hi Doc! My team okay?"

"They're fine Sir. Daniel is recovering well."

"Daniel? What happened to him?"

"He collapsed through exhaustion. We found you both unconscious, luckily for you he'd made it so far."

"Where is he?"

"I'm here Jack.....Hi!" Daniel peered from behind the curtain, separating their beds.

"Hi yourself. I told you, you would probably end up killing yourself if you carried me that far."

"Well actually, I didn't make it out of the forest." he admitted sheepishly, "Janet and the others found us before then."

"How am I Doc?" Jack asked looking back towards her.

Janet knew what he meant, and explained to him that Daniel had done an excellent job of making sure he didn't lose his leg.

Jack turned towards his friend, as Janet left the two of them to talk.

"Thanks Daniel. You did good out there. I owe you one!"

"That's okay Jack. Just don't make a habit of it."

"How did you know what to do anyway?"

"Well.......I can't really remember the details.....I just sort of went into automatic, I guess. I don't really recall much about any of it. It's just a blurr."

"You must of had some inkling about what was going to happen."

"Why do you say that?"

"I was going to make you stay behind. You'd been acting kinda weird before then, but you insisted on going. Quote, `I have to go!' So...I relented. I'm glad I did now. Thanks! I'm sorry you never got to see that castle."

"I'm just glad I was there for you. As for the castle, I never gave it another thought, and.....it'll still be there another day. I was more concerned about you at the time."

"Yeah.....and if it wasn't for you.......well, maybe now I'll be able to return the favour, one day, whatever......"

The End.