Stargate SG-1 Plot Prompt Adoption Center

      Welcome to the Jackfic Adoption Center for Plot Prompts. The plots listed below are up for"adoption" to all SG-1 fanfic authors. There are only 3 rules to be followed for the adoption.

      1. You must make the story Jack-centric (this is Jackfic after all)/

      2. You must email me at and inform me that a plot has been adopted.

      3. The finished fic must be archived on Jackfic (as well as any other site you wish).

      Oh, and if you have a plot prompt lying around that is just begging to be written, send it to me care of the above contact link and I'll be more than happy to add it to the adoption list.

      Jack In Washington:

      Prompt: Jack's knees finally give up the ghost. Thor is in the neighborhood and offers help, but the Asgard scientist who can help can't leave the Ida Galaxy for some time. While he is on light duty, the President reassigns him to the White House to educate him on the Stargate and to act as a Special Military Advisor. This has him out of the Stargate chain of command. Things get interesting when Sam takes some weekends to visit while she is not his subordinate. This is a possible crossover with The West Wing or Tom Clancy's Executive Orders.

      Do Include – Jack interacting with White House staff, Kinsey making a fool of himself, the President finding out about Jack and Sam, and Jack's brand of honest diplomacy making an impression.

      Do Not Include – Teal'c and Daniel coming to Washington with Jack for much of the time.

      Suggestions/ideas: 1. Cassie visits Jack in Washington. 2. Jack is able to stop a assassination attempt in the oval office, but not before being wounded. The First Lady or other trusted doctor is checking him with a grim prognosis when Thor beams him out, straight to a medical stasis pod.

      Invisible Jack from the episode '200'. How did Jack become invisible,
      what did he do when he was – other than what we saw in the episode,
      and how was he cured?

      Don't want - Jack to do nothing but play juvenile pranks.
      Want – The whole team involved. Some serious moments. Some of the
      disadvantages of being invisible (shaving etc).

      The young girl from Bane( I think that is the name of the episode) is now grown up and has joined the SGC. Her reaction to find out that her childhood friend is an alien.
      Must not make her a Mary Sue.
      She must be a member of the military.
      Sara O'Neill runs into a teen who reminds her greatly of her ex-husband.
      (Fragile Balance)
      Must not take place in Colorado Springs.
      Can be a crossover with Joan of Arcadia, but it doesn't have to.
      Jonas Quinn or Pete Shanahan run into a teen that reminds either of them of Jack O'Neill. Must not take place at a military installation.
      Can be a crossover with Joan of Arcadia, but it doesn't have to.
      Jack and Moebius

      Let's pretend that.instead of Ancient Egypt, Jack
      'oops'd' and took the jumper backwards - or forwards -
      in time. Where would he go and why?

      After the team had an exceptionally tough mission, Hammond decides to send the team to DisneyWorld.

      While going through the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in the Magic Kingdom, Teal'c senses Goa'uld symbiotes in the water.

      What I want:
      Jack not wanting to incite panic when proof is given.
      Daniel figuring out how it got there.
      Sam explaining to Daniel and Teal'c the Magic of Disney.

      What I don't want:
      A simplistic approach to the solution.
      We've seen countless fic's where Daniel does/says/touches something that sets off the natives and Jack gets hurt because of it. I'd like to see a little twist to that were Sam is the one that does/says/touches something that sets off the natives. The team gets captured/arrested and Jack, as SG-1's leader and Sam's superior officer, gets punished because of it.

      Do include - Jack whump, Sam angst/guilt, a talk between Sam and Jack after they get home.

      Don't include - Jack/Sam ship (UST is OK), a male dominated society were Carter being a woman causes the problem (ie: Emancipation), instant forgiveness for Sam from Jack where he tells her it's not her fault, it's OK, etc.

      Suggestions/ideas: Possibly have the act happen as the result of Carter disobeying a direct order from Jack. Maybe have Sam be the one who has to inflict the punishment since it was her deed? I would like to see Sam have to face disciplinary action from Jack and/or Hammond for the incident. I would also like to see the following sentence, "I expect this kind of behavior from Daniel, Carter, not from you.", or something along that line. Maybe have Carter get ticked at the comment? I would prefer it to take place during any season where Jack's still a colonel.

      What if Jack is depressed because he realizes now that Sam has gone off to run Atlantis there is no chance of them getting together. Another ancient city is discovered in a unexplored galaxy. Daniel convinces the President to let General Jack go on the expedition with him to explore. It turns out to contain a ancient health spa resort. Jack sets off a device that rejuvenates him to the physical age of 20. All memories even scars from injuries remain unaffected. Will Jack be happy, sad or a little of both?

      Do include a Jack/other romance. New peaceful aliens. New villain if you wish.

      Don't include known villains (Gou'ld, Replicator, Ori, Wraith). Vala.

      My only suggestion is that Jack can't go back to Washington, a twenty year old general, wouldn't get by with it. It's up to the writer to decide what they think Jack would do from here, with his new-found youth.
      The newly promoted Major General O'Neill is on his way to take up his new position in Washington as head of Homeworld Security. His car breaks down/has an accident near a small town and he is forced to stay there while it is being repaired. He finds Michael and Jenny (from '1969') living there.

      Note: Whether SG-1 appear in the story later is also up to the writer.

      Extra points if President Hayes is included.

      In ‘Heroes’ we see Woolsey interview three members of SG-1. He had to have interviewed others. Jack as commander of the rescue team would be way up there on his list of interviewees. Woolsey tries to interview Jack in the infirmary. Woolsey eventually gets his interview; describe it

      Want - Jack is in pain (?) on pain medication (?), disorientated (?) angry (?), depressed (?), all of the above (?). Woolsey gets caught (by whom?) and kicked out and told he cannot interview Jack until he has been released and given the green light by the doctor.
      I would like to see some team interaction, maybe a heart to heart between Jack and Daniel about what happened on the planet and Janet's death.

      Don’t want - ship

      Suggestions - Did Daniel talk to Jack about his decision to let Bregman have the video tape? Bonus points for including Bregman and even more for working Dixon into the story.

      Jack gets sick with something normal (not off-wordly), but hides it to go on an important mission where he is personally needed, and which can't be postponed. Lots of denial (of illness) would be good! Pre-season six, please! If possible, I'd like to see a scene with Janet telling him off...

      Prefer non-ship, if possible.

      The quantum mirror brings forth a trio of unlikely visitors: Jack O'Neill and his family, Sara and Charlie. This Jack is looking for a place to keep his family safe while his world fights off the Guo'ald attack, he doesn't plan on staying, but wants to leave Sara and Charlie. It should be set after "Point of View" but before the quantum mirror was destroyed.

      Don’t want – Charlie to die.

      Suggestions - What does the alternate Jack decided to do? How does our Jack deal with seeing his son, alive and well? Does our SGC decide to help that world like they did the one from POV?

      The "alternate" universe details can be whatever the writer wants -- although I would prefer to have Sara be a good strong character (as was seen in Cold Lazarus). Both Jack and Sara would eventually suffer from entropic cascade failure, but Charlie wouldn't. If the writer wants to add another character or two from the alternate universe, that's fine too, as long as Jack, Sara and Charlie are included.

      A story with an active space program (any country's - on or off Earth; in 1969 or Present Day, AU or not). Jack finds himself at odds with a female astronaut. Remember SG-1's mandate is "to gather technologies for the fight against the Goa'uld".
      General Jack gets involved in an off-world mission with SG1. The reasons are up to you as the writer. It can be the Orii or the Goa'uld or the Ancients or something else entirely but it will require Jack to go offworld with Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, and Cam During the mission, how does Jack's presence affect the dynamics of the "new" SG1 and what does he do about it? Mitchell truly gets to see Jack in action with his team and he really comes to understand exactly what it was that made SG1 special. Throughout the adventure, Jack and Cameron have little conversations where Jack gives him advice for dealing with Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c. Also, this is a chance to deal with how Sam, Teal'c, and Daniel feel about Jack encouraging SG1's reformation with Mitchell. Consider this the real introduction of Mitchell to SG1 that we didn't get to see on-screen-the one where Jack really helps SG1 accept the idea of a new fourth.

      Time frame: Season 10 or later

      Don’t want – any pairings

      Suggestions - Varla's presence is up to you as well-you can include her or not by deciding where in the show's timeline the story is set. The details of the adventure itself are up to you-whumpage as you see fit to tell the story.

      A natural disaster causes difficulty for the team off-world.

      Timeframe: Season 3-4

      Pairings: S/J acceptable but not necessary

      Jack and Baal working together to defeat a common enemy.
      The team goes off-world and Daniel drags them to a tomb site and they discover that it appears to belong to the Goddess (you choose). They open the tomb letting loose the supposed deity, which is really a Goa'uld. Daniel gets blinded by the goddess as she looks like Amonet. Jack knows better, but in his attempt to free Daniel from 'Amonet', he gets captured by her Jaffa, and tortured for his insolence.

      Time frame: Season one

      Want - Teal'c saves the day.

      Don’t want - ship

      Jack plays a practical joke on a member of SG-1 or some other (canon) character, but the joke goes horribly wrong and the other person is either seriously injured, or some property is seriously damaged, or the person is simply seriously offended. Jack, of course, feels horribly guilty about the incident. The other person is not mollified - either because they are just *that* offended and unable to forgive Jack's childishness, or because their injury is so severe that they are unable to respond. Very shortly thereafter, Jack is himself whumped in some fashion, and believes this to be divine or cosmic retribution. It's up to the rest of the team to assuage Jack's guilt and bring peace and harmony back to the SGC.

      Time frame: Anything prior to S8

      Sequel to "A Matter of Time",after everything that happened
      with Cromwell and the bomb Jack's memories of Iraq come back and he
      has trouble to
      deal with them (nightmares ,flashbacks and so ) .

      Do include:Jack/Daniel friendship
      Don't include : ship - Jack/Sam pairing

      Write a story about Jacks childhood,in the show is not much
      said about it ,so there are many possibilities !!What was his life
      like,was he in a loving and caring home or in foster home like Daniel
      or did his parents abuse him?

      Suggestions/ideas: SG1 could do a little time-travel again and see
      what Jacks life was like as a little boy or he is cloned again but
      this time without the memories of adult Jack!!

      Jack is told he has cancer,how will he react if he has to
      fight his own body instead of an enemy he can see?Will he tell his
      friends what's wrong with
      him or trying to hide that he is sick?How will SG1 react when they
      find out he is sick and to the change that Jack is the weak one and
      in need of help ?

      Do include :Team Fic,Janet Fraiser
      Don't include : character death , alien help